CALIFORNIA GRILL Brunch At The Top & Disney’s Magic Kingdom | Orlando, Florida Vlog Day 8

This morning we’re going for brunch at California grill which is the restaurant I’ve been looking for to most this trip because there’s bottomless sushi! Thank you! Have you had brunch with us before? No first time it’s so nice in here hi So our server has just been telling us about the drinks, it’s unlimited mimosas – this is a mango mimosa – and there’s also a Bloody Mary bar which is ten dollars for a large Bloody Mary and you get five toppings to choose from. That’s a lot of toppings! Anyway I’ll be sticking to the mimosas, I don’t know about Aaron. Time will tell. So it’s part buffet which is all these items here will show you them in a little bit and then you get to choose an entree. We were recommended the lobster eggs benedict, the apple pancakes and the chicken chill oh my gosh I’m not sure how you say that. How’d you pronounce that, chicken… will that one. It looks really good though it’s going to be so hard to choose so should we hit the buffet? Breakfast sushi? Breakfast sushi! oh yeah she was saying that they are known for the sushi. We will show you around the actual buffet in a bit but for now we just wanted to eat a bit of food so we started off with a sushi round so I’ve got three types of nigiri here, so shrimp tuna and salmon Nigiri. This one I think is shrimp tempura, and then this one is spicy tuna some sort of Maki I forgot it exactly what the full name is to be honest and then you can get a little pot of soy sauce and wasabi and some palate-cleansing ginger and in the middle is a deviled egg which I appreciate is nothing to do a sushi but I just wants to try one. So I got a lot of sushi as well and I’ve also got the egg and bacon salad and the devil egg there in the middle Are you starting with deviled egg? how is it? It’s nice. Is it spicy? No, I’m not sure exactly what’s in it but it’s good. It says it’s spicy aioli. Bacon and egg salad – good? I just tried the spicy tuna Maki and it’s really good it’s really nice the only thing I’m struggling with a bit is we got a knife and fork with sushi. How’s the mimosa? I thought when they said that it was mango mimosa that it was going to be too sweet but it’s not sweet. You can taste mango but it tastes like it’s more… is it prosecco or cava in a mimosa? More sparkling wine! For round 2 Aaron’s gone for another sushi round so I’ve also got more of the tuna sushi again because it’s so good I’m going to eat loads of this so this is the tuna Tekka Maki roll and then I’ve got smoked salmon and cream cheese and then I went to the charcuterie section and got pickles blue cheese sweet peppers prosciutto and bison sausage mmm also just notice on mimosas have been magically refilled while we were gone. Smoked salmon was delicious but now I’m going to try the bison sausage because I don’t think I’ve ever had bison before, have you? No, give it a whirl. It tastes quite herby I can smell the herbs from here [Music] There are two types of vodka, belvedere and absolut vodka, which would you prefer? Pepper looks good. Would you like a rim that is salted? Regular salt, seasoned salt or low salt. What’s seasoned salt? It has a little bit of spice to it. That sounds good I like spice so many hot sauces And anything from over here as well. What are you going for? what did you say this? Candied bacon. And can I get one of the peppers please? okay shall we do some hot sauce? yeah what hot sauce you thinking? There’s a lot to choose from. Right I’m just going on the labels alone but these two have caught my eye If you’re looking for something very spicy this one, I haven’t personally tried it but it seems very spicy to me We have dragons breath this one which seems to have no name what is just the Reaper… probably spicy then that one right? I’m going to try a little bit of this one please obviously you’ve got to have a shrimp on it so talk me through this monster. Absolute pepper vokda, salted rim yep celery celery there is candied bacon yeah. Some sort of pepper it looks like a chili pepper a shrimp, habanero and garlic hot sauce You just celeried yourself in the face how is it? Is it spicy? Am I right in thinking I need to try a bit of the salt with it? You can give it a go Just try not to get the celery your face I think it’s nice I want to sit and drink it I basically just want it on pasta. On pasta? You want vodka and tomato on pasta?! Also we realized after struggling to eat the sushi with a knife and fork that they do have chopsticks whoops that means we have to go back and get more sushi! oo how’s the candied bacon? what do you think candied bacon? I’m not sure if I’d like it. I don’t know…it’s nice…is it nice? I don’t know… I’m not used to candied bacon. We realized we need to pace ourselves with all the food that we’re going to eat so just having a little break it’s nice they don’t rush you at all do they? so eggs over easy, steak, and has brown. this is lobster egg Benedict so we’ve got lobster, soft poached eggs toasted English muffin, orange honey ham and hollandaise sauce you could also get it with smoked salmon but I went for lobster because it was actually smoked salmon on the appetizers section, the buffet, just tried a bit of Aaron’s potato hash which I appreciate isn’t too much to look at but it tastes so good it’s really like crunchy on the outside and really soft in the middle really nice. How’s your steak? It’s great So we’ve had time for the mains to settle so I’ve come back again I’ve got Greek yogurt good thank you granola berries and fresh honeycomb this looks really good it’s been a while since we’ve eaten, we have filmed a while because we made friends with the table next to us we’ve just kind of been chatting and not filming, but the I’m looking forward to trying this even though I am still kind of full. The fresh honeycomb in this is absolutely delicious it actually melts a little bit into honey as you crack it open and it’s so good yeah yeah try some right how much better is that than you expect I mean you know it’s gonna be good Wow For desert we’ve got the jelly sweets macaroons truffles well these are these cinnamon rolls the new cinnamon rolls and then some sort of dark chocolates I can’t remember exactly what she said some sort of dark chocolate trail mix oh and it’s really good. what’s your favorite thing from the dessert plate? The chocolate was really good. I also really liked the fancy fruit pastilles. Gluten free scones chocolate croissants guava turnover bourbon baba cake here’s the Bloody Mary bar we showed you earlier. There’s the charcuterie, so there’s lamb chopper cheddar cheese, some blue cheese salami and cherry whiskey terrine prosciutto and the bison sausage that I had and here in this pickle section you’ve got sweet drop peppers, pickles dijon mustard red onion marmalade almonds devilled eggs, quiche, this one says it’s tomato quiche, this is the bacon and egg salad Aaron really enjoyed it’s currently mostly egg I’m sure they’ll be refilling it again soon and the apple and cranberry salad humous and pita here’s the good stuff, the sushi, so the California roll and this is the one we really liked, this is the spicy tuna tekka maki and here’s the various nigiri, so shrimp salmon and tuna and shrimp tempura roll which we also had this is where you pick up your soy sauce, wasabi and ginger. next we’ve got various breads and bagels which you can have with smoked salmon and fish spread cream cheese and red onions, egg yolk, egg white, capers, okay here’s the Greek yogurt I just had, you can have berries the amazing honeycomb and granola [Music] just about the top outside of California Grill and there’s amazing views, you can see Wilderness Lodge over there and right off in the distance is the swan and and dolphin and we can even see the Epcot ball that’s cool There’s the Magic Kingdom, over there next to Space Mountain do you think that’s the tron coaster looks like it might be oh I can’t wait to come back and ride that [Music] that was really good what you think? yeah probably the best meal so far very nice for chilled out, spent a while just sat there there yeah we were there for I think it must have been it was at least three hours they they don’t rush you at all we also got a receipt which you can use to bring back to the fireworks at the end of the night once oh yeah so what’s the fireworks tonight? Hallowishes we may or may not come back back for that we’re not sure so answer Magic Kingdom yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s always so much bigger than I remember [Music] First Magic Kingdom fastpass of the trip and we got a good one How’d you feel about Space Mountain right after we’ve had all you can eat California girl brunch yeah excellent planning on my part how did your stomach feel about Space Mountain right after California girl brunch? I survived thankfully yeah next fastpass is..oo half an hour okay let’s go do another ride in the meantime. Can we do People Mover? yeah, I love the People Mover! It might not look like the most exciting ride but the People Mover is an absolute gem in the Magic Kingdom. A classic ride elevated above Tomorrowland we love using the People Mover as a great way to spend a breezy 10 minutes off our feet to relax and cool down while getting some great views and sneaky peaks inside a couple of rides best of all there’s rarely any queue so if you have a bit of time to pass between fast passes or just want a break don’t miss the people mover. I like the bit where you got to go through Buzz Lightyear’s game and and peer in at it. That ride is even better when everything is all lit up We need to come back in the dark, I don’t know if we’ll get to today but another day That one is one of your favourites isn’t it? It’s right up there with the tier 1 rides how did you do on Buzz Lightyear? Pretty good, I got 151,000, I don’t know what level that was but it was better than 3,100 just checking our last fast pass of the day half-past five for seven dwarves mine train. We realize we’ve got time to Philharmagic before our fast pass it’s great Philharmagic is a 3d show so I can’t show it but you have to not miss I love that show, I’ve seen it so many time. It’s always fun isn’t it last fast pass of the day is Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it’s a really fun little coaster [Music] [Music] It’s been a short but sweet trip to Magic Kingdom and now think they’re going to go to Animal Kingdom to catch rivers of light because we missed it the other day because we were too sleepy. Also it’s about to close in here because of the Halloween party which we won’t be going to [Music] look how pretty the sky is The show’s about to start but it says no videotaping so we’ll see you later What did you think of rivers of light? It was good actually I liked it, It was pretty, I liked the turtles. Yeah the turtles were the best and I’m glad I watched it I think it’s worth seeing once. I mean bearing in mind obviously there’s no fireworks in it because of all the animals, it’s still quite dramatic and you get to sit down for a while. Speaking of sitting down, shall we go sit down some more? [Music] somehow we’re ready to eat again, I don’t know how we’re doing this, so we’ve come back to Satu’uli Canteen I would love tell you we got something different but we got pretty much the same as last time because it was that good you enjoying it? you’re going to enjoy the black bean vinegarette yep that was delicious now we’re going to take our beers for a little walk around the park and go home [Music]


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  3. The California grill looks fantastic. Wow what a drink! Candy bacon 🥓 yes please 😃 Enjoyed the review guys.

  4. Hey guys! Love the video! Thanks so much for your review of this restaurant. We had never heard of it and now we need to go! So is it really just included in your hotel stay? And do you have to have a pass to see the view from the top?

  5. Did you say bottomless sushi? ☺ We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Cali Grill brunch. You cant get a bad meal there I dont think!!

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