Bulalo Beef Pares

Check the video description for the complete recipe written in English. welcome to panlasang pinoy! We’ll cook Bulalo Beef Pares here are the ingredients: we need beef shank or bulalo brown sugar star anise onion. Cut into 2 ways: first is for boiling, second is for sauteing ginger crushed garlic aside from these ingredients, we also need: water, cooking oil, soy sauce, salt, ground black pepper and fried rice let’s start. Get a pressure cooker boil water in the pressure cooker if pressure cooker is not available, ordinary pot will also do we’ll boil water on both pots but the difference is the period of time tenderizing it will take 20-30 min. using pressure cooker. And 2-3 hours for an ordinary pot once boiling, add the onion this is the big slices of onion add ground black pepper and salt here goes the ground black pepper, then salt add the beef shank place it one by one wait for it to boil again then we’ll cover the pressure cooker cover tenderize the beef after pressure cooking, let’s check the beef at this point, the beef is now tender take the beef and set aside leave here the soup, we’ll use this later for the pares soup after tenderizing the beef, pre heat a pot with cooking oil once cooking oil is hot, add the garlic, onion and ginger here goes the garlic add the onion and ginger too onion onion, minced add the ginger here goes the ginger continue cooking until onion is soft then we’ll add the tenderized beef onion is soft. Let’s put the beef then add soy sauce here goes the soy sauce then add the stock used in boiling the beef earlier this stock is very flavorful because the beef flavor is extracted and we added onion and ground black pepper wait for the mixture to boil now that we have mixed and it starts to boil again, add the star anise cook for few minutes, cover the pot cook between low to medium heat after few minutes, remove the cover remove the star anise we extracted the star anise’ flavor by boiling it in the mixture we’re removing this because we don’t wat to eat this. It’s only good for it’s flavor ok add sugar this is brown sugar then season with salt and ground black pepper since we already added soy sauce, it’s alright not to or add a few of salt only depending on your taste here goes the salt, small amount add extra ground black pepper cook for few more minutes make sure all ingredients are well mixed transfer to a serving bowl, serve this with the soup and fried rice outcome will be Bulalo Beef Pares we’re almost done. Add beef sauce to the soup to make it more flavorful mix well also add green onion, alright add garlic for complete recipe, visit panlasangpinoy.com here’s our bulalo beef pares


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