Hey guys, it’s me again! And.. uhh this is probably the craziest week of my life right, not only am I about to hit one million subscribers which is so crazy, but I was roasted again by a kid by a little kid right, When will these kids learn to not mess with me, right! But this time, I wasn’t roasted by one kid I was roasted by TWO kids and I can sit here and talk about– ‘Hey guys it’s me again and now I’m mad and make two separate videos’ you know, trying to handle my business, right? But I was like ‘you know what? I want to test, test my roasting abilities’ and see if I am capable of dissing two kids, in one video so you guys are probably wondering: Rice Gum, who is it this time?’ He goes by the name of Bruhitszach 15 years old, two million followers on musically and almost a million on Instagram he was live streaming one night and it had like 7000 current viewers And they were watching him and he knows he knows that I love making diss tracks And he is gonna sit there and challenge me? At my own game *you know what? alright, hold one, I don’t want you to see my face yall* *I’m gonna be a hidden mask* *I’m sorry, but yall don’t need to watch me when I do this* yall just…. yall just look at the ceiling *While I roast on Ricegum, I’m too scared* *Alright, here we go, I’m gonna get on him* *Show him whose real* *rapping badly* *I really didn’t want to do this to you* *Why you looking dirty at me doing Youtube* Then you went and turned into a little fruity loop *making friends with all the kids you dissed on Youtube* *I have a question for you Mr RiceGum* *How come everytime you smile, all I see is dumb* That was fire yall! That was like straight fire! That was like *clap* I’m proud of myself, yall! Oo, I got him, I said whats up whats up Rice booty hoe oh wait, no, that’s not my lyric, erm Ok, yall on a scale from one to ten, how good was that? I think that was like, that was like straight fire! and all of his fans went crazy talking about fire, fire ten out of ten and I was just sitting here like that was average at best, like it was ok I guess and I thought me and zach were cool like there were times when I caught him slipping , but I let it slide But, this time he is gonna pay the price. But, before that another talentless kid famous for no reason goes on his live stream and drops a diss track again. I flush you down my toilet call u doodoo NOW I’M REALLY MAD Cause these kids know That when it comes to dropping diss tracks I’m The Best! And they’re gonna sit here and challenge me at my own game. *Has Breakdown* Now I’m Mooooo– It’s time… 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 But yeah guys I guess that’s gonna wrap the video. If you made it to the end, thank you so much for watching I guess and this is the most effort, and most, I mean the most inspirational video ever Diss track was another fire, just, mmm…. But more content to come. I hope you guys are ready for what the future holds. Thank you for all the support I swear to god, I swear. I have the best supporters in the world like you guys, you , aj ghuasd you guys just go crazy ! I have been hitting a 100 thousand likes every vid, if you guys can like the video keep the street going. If you enjoyed ,comment, I read every comment and subscribe if you are new. But if you aren’t new, we are about to hit a million 😉 We are, not me ! We are about to hit a million subscribers soon.


  1. Who watching in 2019?


  2. N word

  3. This is actually hilarious though…you didn’t go at them TOO hard lol

  4. Hi

  5. When he used to post every week😭😭

  6. he deadass made a whole ass thing about sounding gay but he literally said the n-word like wtf did no one tell him that’s not ok?


  8. Top 5 Rappers Eminem was afraid to diss
    1. 3:00

  9. This kid Zach is fucken wack

  10. 2019 people?!?

  11. He said nigga

  12. I miss the old rice😤

  13. Dam still ten mill YOUR SO DEAD

  14. recommend
    2016: nah
    2017: nahh
    2018: nahhh
    2019: sure

  15. I miss this ricegum🥺😖😭
    Money really can change people☹️

  16. Lmaoo sinjin was really drowning

  17. bro he really changed he dont do this anymore

  18. No homo though

  19. Where do I know this beat from?

  20. 2019???

  21. Bruh I just noticed that the dude that did the adlibs was his ghost writer

  22. 2019?

  23. Did he juss say the N word…

  24. Weston looks like that kid on tik tok who wore the maverik hoodie and did that duet kissing trend back in the end of 2018.

  25. 4:50 lil nigga, lil nigga lil nigga

  26. Bro why you mad
    There diss is qualified as whack

  27. 3:12 white kids shuld stop trying to rap

  28. I need back this ricegum

  29. We need afro gum in every video

  30. You have changed on us rice we like this rice gum and where is afro gum

  31. Oh man the old days who else is re watching

  32. Half that dudes Bars are not even true

  33. 2019? Just watching old videos

  34. Bruh his name describes his channel

    Cringe lvl 100

  35. I love watching his old vids lol

  36. Anyone 2019?

  37. This is nostalgic

  38. 2019??

  39. aNyoNe wAtchIng iN 2019??????????????????????????????????

    nO????? JusT mE???

  40. 2020?

  41. Did he say lil nigga?

  42. He said the N word

  43. Hi

  44. okay but why did rice say the n word

  45. i never actually realized how much money can change someone personality, humor and then just upload when you need money

  46. I miss the old rice, no cap😕, this is in 2019 btw.

  47. All the kids that RiceGum roasted two years ago aren't even famous anymore, RiceGum pretty much ended their career or they just ended theirs. I miss the old days. 😔. Time's flies by real quick.

  48. I Really wanted this to go back in time and enjoy these videos

  49. August 19

  50. 2016 ricegum was the best ricegum

  51. I remember watching these videos when they first came out and finding ricegum when he had like 60k the rice that actually was funny and put effort into vids and that was humble now he flexes he thinks he’s the shit and changed completely and now his vids are so effortless and no where near as good miss the old rice🤧


  53. ”Y'all be saying I miss the old rice gum money changed him” well he just doesn't do they videos anymore

  54. mabey you should shut the fuck up 😂😂😂

  55. 90 percent of comments I miss the old rice gum 10 percent actually worth reading

  56. I’m just rewatching all the vids I miss old rice his money and fame changed him

  57. 3 yrs later and I get the joke

  58. who else is tired of the i miss ricegum comments

  59. RGS

  60. When gay jokes weren't triggering half the multi verse

  61. “I don’t mind I’ll take on two guys at the same time”


  62. #afrogum #momgum #ryce #ghostgum #ricegum #fazeup #faze #disstrack #

  63. 2019 bruvs

  64. Lil nigga

  65. “AnYoNe wAtChInG In 2019?💀”

  66. Ricegum should make more videos likes this.

  67. weston im so sorry. i don’t know what i was thinking liking this video 😔🤞

  68. Rice remember when you did videos at three A.M now your just partying you changed a lot😢

  69. After 3 years I just got the joke at the end I’m a little slow

  70. 2019 btw

  71. Fire af

  72. That zach guy is a flamer.

  73. Looks like rice and Abby did have a kid

  74. sorry ricegum but sarah kaynee,dangmattsmith and bruhitszach are my fav youtubers …

  75. Honestly I get mad when people say they want the old rice back. The only thing that changed was that he got a bigger house and he flexes more. He’s still the same funny goofball that I watched since day 1. If your a true fan then you will stick with rice gum till the end. I do miss AfroGum, yes. I do miss these diss tracks. But I still think rice gum is the same old goofball I used to watch when I had hard days at school. He would make me laugh everyday. I don’t care what anyone says. I’ll stick with rice gum.

  76. 2020?TBH

  77. Sit down you little shit

  78. Lmao “before he passed pewdiepie in subs” 😂

  79. Aye but no cap you sould sub to me

  80. lil n!gga i thought he was Asian not black-

  81. I still don’t know why afrogum left

  82. haha they live in desert shores

  83. I love him i love him i love him I love him i love him i love him I love him i love him i love him I love him i love him i love him

  84. Did he just say the n word

  85. That nigga said thats fire broo that was trashhhh dawgg

  86. No hate rice but actually ice cube is actually the best at disstracks

  87. 2019?

  88. You miss the old Rice we don't care

  89. You said nigga lmaooo

  90. Both kids are definitely in a sped class no cap

  91. Man i just relized how much rice has changed

  92. why he said nigga though???

  93. Rice sayed the n word tho

  94. 2019

  95. Back to the old days

  96. Lil nigga

  97. That shit was ass my lil sis raps better and she like 5 🤣🤣

  98. B

  99. Lil nigga lmao

  100. I Miss the old rice , sad he called us the best supporters but now he’s rich an got everything he want he don’t post anymore an don’t give 2 fucks ab us , without us u would be nothing, just sad

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