Brooklyn is Pizza Heaven


  1. Per favore non chiamatela pizza, non lo è.

  2. I have to be around millennial to eat….I also like to eat alone listening to music.

  3. 15:24

  4. I want a pizza like that. Americans ur so blessed
    Edit: and Italians

  5. love is in the air

  6. Pizza is a phenomenal food💥

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  8. 1. I'd go to Brooklyn JUST for the history alone.
    2. I'd go to Lucali's JUST for the owner.
    3. I'd visit New York JUST for these 2 reasons alone.
    In fact, lemme go to Brooklyn in April and I'll report back and letchu know how it went. Dis coming from a South Sider Chicagoan.

  9. American pizza is disgusting, in my opinion.

  10. At 13:09 it really says "are butchers the next symbol?" 💀

  11. I've never watered my concrete is that bad?

  12. fun show!

  13. I gotta say as one pizza lover to the another, Bravo!

  14. New Yorkers: Brooklyn in Pizza Heaven

    Chicagoans: (Arthur Fist)

  15. This is basically discount Keanu Reeves and Jason Statham getting pizza together, and I love it.

  16. Nothing compared to the taste of Chicago pizza.

  17. Lol .not even close .montreal has the best pizza outside of italy .

  18. Brooklyn = Pizza Heaven
    SF = Pizza Hell

  19. NYC is a paradise for Jewish and Italian food lovers.

  20. Does he even know what he is doing

  21. The best show with the best host ❤️

  22. Robertas is my favorite, I clicked on video wondering if it would be on here and sure enough it was. Get the bee sting pizza it’s not on the menu but you can still order it but trust me you will never be the same after. A block or two from L train as well

  23. Oh that crazy thin shit is the life.
    Born and raised in Ca. Lived in IL. For a bit as a teen & they can have that deep dish……….. I wish for a fresh NY pie. Thin thin hella thin

  24. Mark has aged so much in 3 years. Holy Christ.

  25. Dough, sauce, cheese.

  26. This was a truly fun video. God, I am hungry!

  27. After watching I decided to eat pizza while I watch so I don’t get jealous

  28. it's like watching Mafia 2's DLC Story

  29. Song name 13:25 ?

  30. "this is my favorite…. -remembers who hes sitting next to – square slice of pizza"

  31. can we get more pizza show episodes? please?

  32. Excellent mantra…If you love what you do…

  33. "derek jetaaa?"

  34. what's with the graffiti everywhere?

  35. Mark definitely got a fat hog

  36. Lucali is the best pizza 🍕😋

  37. Let me guess, these people donated to the Clinton Foundation.

  38. Im starving and i just nutted on myself

  39. Robertas pizza fuckn sucks ballz !!!!! Its a hipster joint plus they got closed once for having mice ! Fuck this place!!!!!!!!!!

  40. The only pizza worth a shit in BK is table 87 in park slope.

  41. Yenkel should be in there making Pizza as well…..Yenkel 2020 …….

  42. Fucking LOVE the pizza show

  43. one thing i miss about Americain pizza, it's serverd cut!

  44. This has to be the only channel that can make you fat! I'm so hungry right now, but I just ate a couple of hours ago.

  45. I’ll stick with ny pizza. live in carolina. cant get pizza. cant get a hot dog either. oh well. thanks for the show.

  46. I'm sure all big cities are like that, but $24-30/pizza is pretty steep. It's less than half that for a decent pie in my little town.

  47. One side burnt, one side undercooked…

  48. Ayyyy!
    Thats how i pictures the convos between those italian dudes.

  49. I haven't had pizza for 3 weeks straight now. How am I even alive?

  50. This needs to be a movie, the video plays just like one.

  51. Who feels sudden hungry?
    Comment below.

  52. Hey could we watch the language a bit so kids can watch? Just a suggestion.

  53. New york is like living in a butthole, just thought i'd share that

  54. "It looks like a shit hole" now I have to clean the coffee off of my phone.

  55. Stupid bitch at the end begging for acknowledgement because all of the articles and films are about the father. The kids simply took the easy route and worked for their dad when the dad did all the hard work and built it into what it is today. That daughter is a little brat.

  56. First person to get hand shake after first attempt fail

  57. i want pizza on my every day life :'(

  58. Moving to Florida 5 yrs ago has been great, but it's videos like this that drive me crazy. I miss it. Time for another visit.

  59. This has relit my fire. Thank you.

  60. Brooklyn is also known for da gangstas

  61. $35 for a pizza… you are robbed, fellows!

  62. Sorry but NY pizza in comparison to the rest of the world is just disgusting. Cant speak for this guy here, pizza looks fine, but every time I ate pizza in New York it sucked and I had to throw it away. Always an oily mess.

  63. God bless you, New Yawkas

  64. Love This! New York New York

  65. Barstool gave it a 9.4, damn must be good

  66. I got fired from working at a pizza joint before for drawing a big dick on the wax paper. One of the many crazy reasons I've been fired from jobs.

  67. God. That sandwich. Moving to PA from new york is good. But food wise? Not so much. I tell you what. People can't make a nice hard roll to save their lives here. Philly has a few spots. And cured meats? I moved here and saw this shot called Lebanon bologna. I spit it out. No fresh cured meats. No good hard rolls. Potatoe salads suck. It's fucked. I've been here over 20 years now. In all that time I've found 2 good new York style pizza shops. One used to be good. Then they must have changed hands cause they don't taste good no more. So I've got one pizza joint I have to drive 45 minutes for if I want it. I swear. If new York wasn't so god damn expensive to live.

  68. Idk why but it felt like I was watching cut scenes from GTA 4

  69. I live south of Chicago, new York has us beat. I do love a thick crust " I'm a Midwest boy" but you can't beat the guys pizza in the video 👍👍

  70. Im good to skip Roberta's. Ill leave that one to the dorks.

  71. I am literally sitting at a pizzeria watching this.

  72. Too thin

  73. I prefer Pizza Hut that shit trash

  74. D pizza been around since I was a twinkle in my pa eyes and I a Papa now

  75. Get over yourself, its a wood burning pizza oven, they make these in Alaska. BTW. That's not how you pronounce Iacono at all. You're not a real wop.

  76. Yenkel back at it again with the triple cut wood.

  77. Awesome guys, I have to make it there this summer for some slices !!

  78. Naw man Pizza Heaven is in Chicago.

  79. Best part about Roberta's was Yenkle.

  80. just Food Porn

  81. Pero sacarme fotooooooo!!!!, que pelotuda que sooooos

  82. The Pizza has more brain cells than the yanks.

  83. Y’all. Do Miguel’s pizza in red river gorge, KY

  84. Onion has no place on a pizza!

  85. FYI, I lived down the block from DiFara's since it opened. I've gone back from time to time and I can tell you that it has been closed down by the NYC Health Dept several times. It you can't keep a small food place clean it tells me that they don't care. Also at $6 a slice give me a break. They have been closed down now for a while. It's good but not worth it

  86. Why youtube recommends me this video when I am on a diet? -_-

  87. He better be the King, charging 30 bucks for a regular Pie!!

  88. I watch this video for therapeutic purposes

  89. I'll give ya this, America – two things you do very well 1). Food. 2). Ya nailed it with the original Star Wars trilogy!

  90. 20 yrs … Imagine if you were married to a beautiful woman – think inner beauty – whom you loved very much. Would you desire to go to work , 9 to 5 , most days – be away from her, all those hours ?

    It is written, Our God is a jealous god.

    This explains why religiously observant jews would rather not work, so that they might devote their life to studying TANAKH (the Word of God), being in His Presence, and not being distracted by worldly pursuits, such as "pizza profits".

    For Christians, Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, their bridegroom is seen as a person, but for the jews who do not believe that Jesus is whom the christians say He is, their bridegroom is simply, The Word.

    Maybe Yenkel is an Angel, and the wood pallets represent jews trapped in worldly pursuits, working. The nazis had a sign at auschwitz which read, Arbeit macht frei – work will make you free. No, the work that will make you free, is continuing in His Word.

  91. I was waiting for someone to get whacked at the Bocce game.

  92. This video is just so wholesome! It shows more than the pizza. It goes out to show relationships within a community and the overall goodness of people.

  93. Frank is the definition of get a job you live and you’ll never work a day in your life!!! Love it 😊

  94. Εξαιρετηκες Πίτσες

  95. The fact that Mark can say that Dom's 🍕 is better than his speaks volumes bout the guy.. hence ICONno

  96. NYC and Sao Paolo Best Pizzas outside of Naples. 😋

  97. Let me say this. I live in CT- home to the sandy hook CAPSTONE FEMA EXERCISE- 100% a lie. In New Haven we have Pepe Pizza and even that is run by Mexicants. Arthur Ave? 90% Albanians. Keep voting for the demonrats-

  98. Di Fara’s Brooklyn 👍

  99. That pizza in the picture look burned as a mf

  100. Respect to Dom🤘🏽 reminds me of my grandpa, hard working dude.

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