Best Thai Red Curry with Roasted Duck, Pineapple & Grapes – Kaeng Phed Ped Yang

hi guys today we are cooking Thai red
curry with duck recipe we call Kaeng Ped ped yang, it is a great tasting spicy and
fruity Thai duck curry that is quite unlike most of the other popular Thai
recipe let’s get straight to it if you want to learn how to make more authentic
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recipes videos for me Thai red curry is cook with coconut milk which is a
slightly creamy consistency and mark it as essential of Thai curry the roasted
duck curry has pineapple tomato and grape added for a fruity touch which set
it apart from all the rest adjust the chili quantity for your perfect spice
level and you will fall in love this dish I’m not kidding and here are the
ingredients for Thai red curry with duck Katie
can you tell what the ingredients are that’s it let’s marinate the duck so
first of all I need to pound dry spice which is white pepper then coriander root I like to add a pinch of salt to make the spices get pounded very quickly and not too wet then garlic put your effort in it guys. brown sugar you can also use white sugar the reason that I should brown sugar in there because I help the brown sugar dissolve ready fish sauce soy sauce and give the duck massage massage for five
minutes to help the marinade get right into the meat okay five minutes up then you need to
leave it for at least two hours to let the marinate absorb into the meat put
a cover on and then keep in the fridge the next step we will roast the duck
in our airfryer cooker we love to use this one because it’s healthier no oil
using it all you can cook it in the pan or roast it in the oven this cook the duck
until it’s pink so I will roast it for 10 minutes just to get the duck in pink
we will clean off the marinade before we roast it put the skin side down and set for 10 minutes prepare the red
curry paste I would like to add the extra spice like coriander seed and cumin
seed but first we need to roast them first coriander seed cumin seed the reason
we roasted the spices they can release the aroma and also is easy to pound cumin seed and coriander seeds gives you
a very beautiful smell done then add red curry paste curry paste is done it’s
done 10 minutes passed when you slice the duck put the skin side down it’s
easier for you to slice it up you can see that pink inside let’s make the red
curry coconut milk some of coconut milk and the red curry paste stir fry it
slowly until it’s smooth but for this time the heat is going to
be low to medium not to burn the taste keep stirring but you can see this quite
smoother than before okay now it’s time to add some sweetness
brown sugar palm sugar I use both because they both give a different sweet
season with fish sauce 1 tablespoon a little salt tamarind paste then I add it all, coconut
milk I will taste it so next pineapple pea eggplant duck Kaffir lime leaves tomato and grapes I’d like to add some more coconut milk chili spur then add holy basil last and make
sure going into the curry otherwise it will turn to black
color final test guess what fish sauce need more umami
Oh lovely now turn the heat off and serve it up


  1. This is such a tasty Thai dish. You just must try it!!

  2. 배경음악이 제가 좋아하는 음악입니다~~
    Looks good and tasty you made~~
    Love love curry with spicy ingredients ♡♡
    Your daughter is so cute♡♡♡
    Bgm is my favorite music~~~~

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