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– So what is the best phone tripod? In this video, I’m gonna talk about the top tripods as well as smart phone mounts coming up. (light music) Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media Tv. Helping you go further faster in media. And in this channel we do teach gear reviews and audio and video gear reviews just like this one. So, if you’re new here think about subscribing. And at any point during this video check out show notes and links in the desscription below. I’ll list out all the tech reviewed in the YouTube description. Let’s get into the video. So of course you know that smartphones these days produce incredible
photos, incredible video and they’re also awesome for livestreaming and doing things like Facebook Live to reach more people and build your brand and your impact and your influence. But, without a tripod, right? They’re a little bit shaky. If you try to do livestream or handheld video on most smartphones or iPhones it’s not the best and so, having good stabilization for your phone is super important. And so first off, I’ve noticed that a lot of ’em aren’t very good. You can go to Amazon and get cheap ones like this and they’ll do alright but one of the downsides is a lot of ’em only do widescreen. Sure, you could tip it to the side but as soon as you do the thing just falls right over, right? Because it’s off balance. The same would be true for even this very popular Joby one. There is one that fits like an iPhone 6 and then there’s one that fits the larger size. So, even if you order this you want to make sure
you get the right size. But the same issue happens you just don’t get a lot of strength as you start accessorizing your phone with lenses and with microphones and the larger phones they’re heavy as is is, right? And so a little guy like this will just topple over and so these are not the best in my opinion. So my top all around recommendation is this Arkon that I found on Amazon for under $20 U.S. This thing is amazing. First of all, it’s 11 inches and actually the base tripod without the phone mount is very solid it’s super you can bend, you know go on railings with these it’s got a nice height to it, some nice adjustments and very budget. And then in this particular Amazon combo you can actually get
the phone mount included which is detachable so you could also use that same phone mount on any tripod you have. They come separate, right? But here’s what’s interesting is this together again is under $20 U.S. Even on their website they sell these two things I think separately and it actually adds up to quite a lot more. So this is a huge steal. And what I love about it is it can handle the weight of an accessorized phone. This is an iPhone 6. It will stretch wide enough to fit a 6 Plus so I believe it would fit the Samsung Galaxies, any of the larger phones. And as you can see it can handle, you know, the weight and it can go very
easily to widescreen mode or vertical mode so whether you want to
produce videos with it or you do want to use it like I’ll use it a lot for
Facebook livestreaming, and speaking of which I’ll link up a link to my Facebook page where I teach a lot more tips on branding, on YouTube as well as sharing tech and behind the scenes on Facebook live on a weekly basis. So check that out. I’ll put it in the YouTube description below. Now there is one alternative that I want to recommended that I personally love. Now, it’s quite a bit more of an investment but that is the Joby SLR Zoom Tripod mixed with the Mefoto Sidekick360. These two pieces are like rock solid. This is gonna be like your you know, industrial grade set up. Even heavier of course build quality. Could carry a ton of weight and of course you’re gonna use this bendy tripod for DSLR’s and a lot of other uses. And so, if you could see yourself using it for more stuff it might be worth investing in this. It’s gonna run about $40 U.S. And then the Mefoto is all you know it’s like steel construction and that’s gonna run $30 U.S. And it’s a great setup, it really locks down your phone nice. But I do believe and something to measure, is I actually don’t know if this would even get wide enough to do like an iPhone 6 Plus, something to look into. But this particular set up phenomenal for getting
your smartphone going. The build quality obviously is superior. But you’re looking at about $70, right? To get this setup. So, if it comes down to it and you’re trying to make a decision, either way you’re gonna be good here. If you want to spend a little bit extra I’d recommend this one. But the you know Arkon is definitely a solid choice. Question of the day. What tripod do you recommend for smartphones and tripod mount? Let me know in the comment section below and remember that actually some of the best tips and recommendations come from you, the THiNK Media TV community, so definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So, thanks so much for checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you actually want to see the entire playlist of all these smartphone accessories the best mics for smartphones and iPhones and things like that, I’ll link it up on the YouTube card and I’ll put it in the description below. And, if you haven’t downloaded the Think Media TV video gear buyers guide it’s actually a guide where I go though all of my top recommendations of cameras, tripods, lighting, really for making online videos and YouTube videos and so I’ll link that up on the YouTube card as well. I’ll put it in the description below until next time, THiNK Media TV is helping you go
further, faster in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon. This desk is a war zone. Imagine if there was like a duel. It’s kind of like the well funded prize fighter and the scrappy fighter from the Bronx. (yelling) (beeps)


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