Best High School Rap Battle Ever – The Rematch

They breaking me like I’m a bottle They hoping that I’m gonna topple We’re back! Rematch of the century. We got.. Nik G. Z Boa. Rap battle. We got some simple rules We got two rounds. Two rounds. Sixty seconds of rapping each. All right? We’re gonna go with the coin flip. Z Boa, as loser of last year’s, you get your pick. Man you already know I gotta go with the eagle, TAILS. Heads! Back up, back up Back up Mr. zero bitches on average, how’s it going Z boa? The last time I saw you, we thought it was all over But now you’re back here the most hated in Minnesota you look like a crossbreed between a
chihuahua a hobbit and Yoda Everything you say is so damn clueless Everybody in the crowd knows you’re so damn stupid Even your mom goes, “Zachary stop making that shitty music” ok Let me finish this off by saying you can’t spit bars bro I set the bar high, you set the bar low And quit trying to hit on ____ Barlow! Listen, listen And I bet if _____ Barlow slapped you you’d be such a pussy you’d say Ahhh she broke my jawbone! I GOTTA WIND IT UP All the hype around me, Z Boa the God This shit already over I’ma kill your ass like a King Cobra Like it’s my job HOE What the fuck is you wearing all black got it from Walmart you that Russian nerd that still plays Mario Kart at home and shit Ay I ain’t done! I ain’t done He said I got zero bitches but he actually got zero bitches He be at home watching Pornhub He got He got ONE bitch He got He got ONE bitch He only got one bitch and that bitch always taking the dog Nik Natural But you’re really artificial your clothes are unofficial and your bars are subliminal Your ass is so minimal you stay in a dog kennel What the fuck is this fake ass silver I got gold VERSACE Ay back up! Back up! Ay we got round 2 Nikita’s got first All right Zachary I really wish you would just
vanish Cus everything you say is so tragic the only action you get is dry humping your fucking mattress all right, all right all right all right I’m not a racist but I really hope Trump sends you over the border You tried to get Lexi McCarty’s number she just gave you a restraining order! one more, one more I’m gonna say one more thing stalking women is your favorite hobby goddamn you’d make great friends with Bill Cosby Ay Ok Ay Ok Ay, ay Z Boa Z Boa, you’re up *Shhhhhh* I’m fucking Rocky, this nigga Ivan Drago You know I’m be popping He gon be on the ground hoe You gon be down low And I’m gonna crack his ass with a thick set of Python He gon land to a small hill that’s gonna be his pile on You know my nigga ManMan and Savage gone be right on Oh, I think it’s time, like the Mayans This nigga over here still dying Oh now I gotta spit another one all right On my momma, this nigga ain’t got no hoes And I got hoes show in rows and I got the best clothes, Express, Versace, you know you know AY I ain’t done! I’ma cock the gun back back blow his ass like a snub-nose gunshots so loud it sound like BOWS ay one more one more This boy so retarded he used kindergarten riddles Yo ass a knockoff Malcolm in the Middle Okay Okay AY AY who wants a round 3?! all right all right give the boys a little space OKAY we got round 3 We got round 3 Nikita’s taking first OKAY HERE WE GO Nikita you’re goin Z boa Look at the camera it’s Youtube say hello Why the fuck am I battling a version of Elmo? This guy thinks that he’s got a lot of good tactics, but in reality he can’t rap shit he acts like he’s a black kid but he’s not, and look at him over here always getting attacked-quick He went to a bathroom, picked a fight and STILL got his ASS KICKED okay I’m gonna say this again you’re hated by your entire crew you can’t rap bars the hockey team’s got better flow than you all right Z your final show see what you got I gotta wind it up 3 times! AY AY quiet down he lost 10 hoes in 2 days I call that shit 2 times I’ma fuck all his hoes and I’ma do it in one line I got the coldest rhymes it’s about time this nigga straight this nigga straight pussy, straight FELINE all I do is drop dimes call me Steph Curry I dont’ care your vision all blurry never in a hurry but I’ma chop up his body parts leave his ass scurried aight that’s it there it is all right all right aye aye, aye make some noise for Z Boa if you think he won if you think Nikita won, make some noise


  1. Nik won forsure

  2. The guy doing the introductions looks like a white pnb rock

  3. When tfue joined a game

  4. mann why he gotta zoom on dude teeth 🤣

  5. 3:03 using a medkit be like

  6. Faze sway

  7. White guy was soo fire…

    he burnt all of round 2 away.

  8. 4:59

    Top 10 moments before disaster.

  9. Faze sway and tfue lmao

  10. Z boa said “your a Russian nerd that stays home playing Mario kart and shii”😂💀💀

  11. I feel like it’s Bc z boa listens to the white guy and the white guy doesn’t and thinks of shii while z boa rapping

  12. Z boa shouldn't have done this to himself he didnt even sound confident, poor guy.

  13. This is the whites school 🏫 ever

  14. ngl this the most diverse school I've ever seen

  15. I the red kid sway

  16. both guys suck. no ones even rapping. idk what the second kid was doing except having an insulting tantrum.

  17. Huh huh what u canna do bich as?

  18. Plot twist: principal's and teachers come out and start dissing each other

  19. Faze sway vs tfue rap battle

  20. bro this mans hat holding the whole 2 inches of his brain

  21. Z boa stands for zero bitchis on average

  22. Zboa look like a kid named stephen and the other look like a kid named zack

  23. 2:56 his hand??

  24. the guy at the beginning look like the white pnb rock

  25. It's FaZe sway vs tfue

  26. Faze sway?

  27. This wasn't a rematch, this was an execution🤣

  28. Faze Sway vs Tfue

  29. Who’s finger was that on that guys belt. It just came outa no where.

  30. This most be eh most poofest hing ave saw aw naw man aw these wee guys wid get flaired wae farts howling fs cunts aht voice aboot

  31. I just love the mediocre <3

  32. Wtf shaggy doing there

    Oh yea he got bills to pay too

  33. Man why does boa think he can rap battle the white dude, i dont know maybey he gotta screw lose?…. did u not get enough the first round meathead?.. like u saying the same shit da he said. Man mario cart? Whats that ?, a rhyme from walmart??. But really man look at the white dude… he looks like a fkn brat, man i dont wanna see yo face go fuck ya cat, u bouta get smacked. Man ur atitude is so shit, u look like a pissed of Youtube rapper who never Made it. Man why u fucking wit people thats smaller then u G?, cus ur the Guy Who got HIV… sorry for that , but that was just a fun rap wit no meaning, but next time u spit shit from ur mouth U NEED TO START CLEANING.

  34. White kid says : LITERALLY ANYTHING

  35. When their both shitty😕😂😂😂

  36. What is the name of the high school ? 😭😭

  37. 1:17 what’s in the black boys hand?? It’s probably something with skin care

  38. Last was the best😂😂😂😂

  39. I thought this was supposed to be rap bc rap is when ur going fast but no u people suck just bc ur ryhmi ng didn't mean ur raping 😒

  40. Zboa is just there for the meme lol.

  41. That white dude is the next m+m

  42. why does the red t-shirt guy sound like mr meeseeks XD

  43. The white dude clearly recited the bars at home and came to school the next day to say them thats why he got no flow at all. If I was battling him I wouldn't let him get away wit that.

  44. It turned from a rap battle to a roast session

  45. Damn Z. That nigga got u bro 😆

  46. I feel like that white guy is that white fuckboy personality guy.
    But I think the white guy won though, sorry for saying ‘white boy’ if that sounded racist.
    Edit: that end when everyone was screaming was funny though lol

  47. he sounds like eminem

  48. without a beat is so bad the blonde cant rap either just ryhm its not the same 😂🤣🤣🤣
    these teens are losers

  49. This is pussy shit

  50. The kid in the red is shit

  51. Z-BOA I can’t rap so imma gonna shout stuff at you.

  52. This is most cringiest thing I’ve watched of all time.

  53. This shit more organized that an actual school sponsored event

  54. Who else was kinda disappointed but predicted what was gonna happen in the rematch?

  55. Z boa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruh

  56. I knew Z boa was done before I even started watching lmao

  57. White dude killed it NGL

  58. This is not the full rap battle btw

  59. When everyone's cheering that's the time when z boa thinks of his lines lmao

  60. Can we get a round 3 before 2020 plz 🙏 🙏

  61. Gotta give to z boa his roasts were pretty good ngl🤷🏽‍♀️

  62. I can make good lyrics
    But I can't rap

  63. Is the guy wearing red faze sway

  64. it's not a rap battle…..
    but a clash battle.

  65. I didn’t know faze sway used to rap battle

  66. why does zero bitches in average look like a valued faze sway

  67. The guy in the black hat and red shirt looks like faze sway

  68. Faze swAY VS.Tfue

  69. All you do is try humpin ur fukin mattress

  70. Dry humping the mattress I fell when I heard that

  71. Bless his heart

  72. This is hurting my soul.

  73. The whites

  74. kid in the red at the 1st roast:::::trying not to laugh

  75. The white kid wrote his rap, and zboa tried his best regardless of the fact that the crowd is laughing at him.

  76. This trash asf

  77. U know the difference between the best and the worst, right?

  78. the versace belt made it better

  79. This shit was so weak

  80. Z boa not even rapping, he just talking…?💀

  81. My music video

  82. Zboa just quit pls or drop outta high school

  83. 2:57 anyone not gonna talk about tha guys hand

  84. Tfue be like: 🙌👐🤲

  85. And teachers wonder why their students can never study for a test nor do their homework. 😂😂😂 this is what they do instead.

  86. Both trash

  87. When he he said Minnesota I went “oop I live there”

  88. bro this shit is fire

  89. Why does z boa look like that he is so UGLY

  90. The only action you can is from dry humping your fucking mattress hahahahaha

  91. What focking best even my baby brother raps better then them both

  92. Z boa made my head go back so badly because every single word was shit

  93. so gay lol

  94. id this for real lmao

  95. Mexican really roast battle not rap battle

  96. 4:27 he should have said u stay in a dog kittle and your ugly ass looking like goerge kittle (49ers TE)

  97. 5:20 Z-Boa’s face😂🤣🤣🤣

  98. why the hell would the camera zoom in this guys mouth lol 3:38

  99. he red shirt sounds like morty

  100. Does anyone know nik’s instagram?

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