hey there friends, it’s Julia. I wanted to
talk to you today about Chef Wear, and the different things we have available
at Greg’s Uniforms. Working in the kitchen is no walk in the park, and we
appreciate all the hard-working men and women who are behind the scenes creating
our favorite dishes at our favorite restaurants. We know that your jobs are
hard and we are doing everything we can to supply you with different things to
make it more manageable and enjoyable. We know that you take your cooking
seriously and that you hold quality to a high standard and we keep those things
in mind when we’re choosing different Chef Wear to have available for you. A
well-fitted chef’s uniform not only looks professional, it’s your first line of
defense against injury in the kitchen. Our chef jackets and hats are vented for
breathability in the hot kitchen, as well as being a cotton poly blend which helps
with moisture-wicking, with durability to protect from cuts and burns
and splatters, and for comfort. It’s very very soft and enjoyable to wear all day
on your long shifts. It’s also important that you wear full-length chef pants to protect
your legs and feet from anything that could happen, anything you drop, or that spills on you. We offer many different styles of chef pants at Greg’s Uniforms, so come check
out the things that we have. But it’s very important that you get them at the
proper length because if your pants are too long and are dragging behind you, then
you have a liability of tripping and that’s the last thing we want to do in the kitchen. We carry various styles and colors of top brands of Chef Wear, such as
Uncommon Threads and Five-Star Chef Apparel which is some favorites among our
customers. In the kitchen, we’re sure that you’d prefer to be focusing on creating
your masterpieces rather than what you’re wearing. So come to Greg’s Uniforms and let’s get you fitted in the perfect chef uniform
today. Thanks so much, we’ll see you soon!

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