Beef Chuck Roasts by the BBQ Pit Boys

(upbeat music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket ♫ I got my barbecue shoes on – [Narrator] Welcome to Today we’re smoking up some
beef chuck roasts at the pit. And they’re real easy to do. Alright, here I’ve got a couple
of four pound chuck roasts. You’ve seen these before. They’re very inexpensive
and they’re perfect for smoking on the pit. And today we’re using a BBQ Guru Monolith ceramic grill. If you’ve never used these grills before, you definitely gotta check ’em out. They’re awesome. And we’re gonna do it low and slow. Real low and slow with
these beef chuck roasts. And we’ll show ya how easy it is to do. Now the first thing you wanna
do with any roast, right? Is season it liberally. We’re using some SPG,
use some salt and pepper, your favorite seasoning
and season it well. Alright. Now, we’ve got the
temperature of our grill, gonna be setting it up at about 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. This is gonna take, could
take six, seven, eight hours. We’re in no rush. And we’re using some
beer in our water pan, throwin’ in a couple chunks of garlic. You can set it up the way you want. And we’ll place the
roast directly over top of the water pan. Alright that makes sense. Oh this is gonna be good. And like I said, we want
an ambient temperature of 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. After all this is low and slow. And we want an internal
temperature of the meat at about 170 degrees
Fahrenheit in the first phase. Good. (peaceful music) Now the first part of this is gonna take, hey maybe three or four hours. So there’s nothing left to
do but kick back and relax, enjoy the good things in life, right? (laughs) Now, part way through this
we’re gonna add some smoke. And here we’ve got some pecan chips. And we’ve got our guru dispenser
there, the chip dispenser. It’s real easy to place the
chips right over the hot coals. We’ll dispense just the
amount of wood chips you want, close it and you’re good. And in the miracle of time, whoa. Take a look at that. These roasts have reached
an internal temperature of about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Just the way we want it, right? So now we’re gonna do some cheating. It’s called the Texas cheat. Many of you know all about that. And this is where we’re
gonna wrap these roasts with some aluminum foil. Whoa. And we’re gonna continue to cook along another couple hours, maybe more. But, before we wrap, we
add some apple juice. You can use some beer, whatever your pit master
privilege is, right? We’re gonna throw some brown sugar, set it up the way you want. Ah, this is gonna be good. Oh yeah. Simple enough, right? Place it back on the ceramic grill. Wrap the other one. Now when you’re doing these low and slow, especially with these
chuck roasts or any roasts, you wanna do two roasts. If you’re gonna take the
time, a good part of the day to slow roast these, then
you wanna do two roasts. It’s worth the effort and
you want plenty of left overs for the next day. Oh yeah, the leftovers are real good. Again we added some
apple juice, brown sugar. Here we have some hot sauce. Like I said, set it up with
your favorite flavorings. This works real well. Give it a wrap. Smells so good. The neighbors are climbing the fence. Put it back on the Guru Monolith. Reinsert the meat plug. And now we’re looking for
an internal temperature of about 195 or so before we pull it off. Again, kick back, enjoy
the good things in life. BBQ Pit Boys for life, right? (laughs) Alright. I’d say it’s time to take
these roasts off the grill. We’ve got an internal temperature running about 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Whoa. And just when you think
we’re ready to eat, nah. We got another step. We’re gonna wrap these
roasts, use a blanket, use a deer skin, what you have. You could throw it in a cooler. Without the ice of course. And let it sit in there another
hour, two hours, (mumbles). It’s perfect. This’ll help further
tenderize these roasts. Alright, I say it’s time to eat. Whoa man. Are you kidding me? Let me show you what these look like. Oh perfect. Lord have mercy. Now, the reason you go
through all this effort of a low and slow, might
take ya eight hours, who knows? Is because the low and
slow will break down the connective tissue, the collagen, it’ll literally melt in your mouth. This is the way it’s done. Oh man, look at that. Pour all those drippings in that pan. Now you can serve this up as
a regular roast with slicing. We’re gonna pull it. So we got some pulled beef going on here. We’ll cut the purchase string. I know you can tell this is
gonna be moist and tender. There’s no better eatin’ than
a good chuck roast, right? (laughs) Just look at that. Falls apart like butter. And keep in mind, these
chuck roasts work really well as a substitute for beef brisket, which is getting mighty
expensive these days. That lesser cut of beef, those
briskets used to be cheap, now they’re real expensive. Take one of these, two
of these chuck roasts and low and slow ’em man. Great substitute, they pull well. Oh man. Take a look at that. Oh man. We’re gonna be eatin’ good tonight Martha. Whoa. Look at that. I say it’s time to eat, right? Like I already said, just
pile ’em up on a good roll. Put what condiments you want on it. There’s nothing else to say about this. (laughs) (bright music) Oh man. And we appreciate the fact
that the BBQ Guru Monolith sent us one of these to check it out. We appreciate their support, like we do all the
support from our sponsors. It is through the support of
our loyal fans and sponsors that’s enabled us to do
the BBQ Pit Boys show for the last 10 years. We’re on our 11th. And it was not possible without you guys. Thumbs up. (explosion booms) So the next time you’re
looking for a recipe for your pit, check out


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