Basic Steps to Repair BBQ Grill Surface Rust | Easy Grilling Tips

Does a surface of your grill look like this? Well, I’m going to show you the basic steps
to getting rid of this mess. You will need one metal sanding sponge and some high-heat
barbecue spray paint. Start by removing any additional parts from your grill. Now, take
your sanding block on the coarse side and start knocking down all that rust. Continue
to sand until most of it has been removed. Give it a good wipe to see how you’re doing.
Keep sanding and sanding and sanding until as much of the rust as possible has been removed.
Now that you finished sanding, it’s time to apply the spray paint. Feathering as you spray;
put light coats on until all surfaces are completely repainted. Keep spraying until
you’re happy with the finish. And no, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just better.
Ten minutes later, me and dog, got ourselves a good looking barbecue.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching. This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors
show. We’ll have new tips, tricks or technique for you every Tuesday.


  1. Great tips ! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Ange!

  3. Of course, the best way to deal with surface rust is to deal with it before it happens, especially prudent to use high temp paint on fireboxes as you put it together if it was manufactured in China. 😉

  4. Cool! And awesome dog too.

  5. Thanks Gary, I have that same smoker and it's fire box looks just like yours did. Looks like a trip to the hardware store this weekend.

  6. It's funny how some folks will sell off their smokers at yard sales, just because of the inevitable rust. I'm still looking for that "steal-of-a-deal". Great tip, Gary!

  7. True! Those painted grills rust fast.

  8. She certainly thinks so. Thanks!

  9. Thanks John! Happy sanding 🙂

  10. Dan, amazing what a little elbow grease and paint can do!

  11. After I got the Kamado Joe, I gave my oldest son my offset smoker, and told him, he needed to sand and paint it. It was only a year old, and the fire box was beginning to look pretty bad. Now if he actually does it, is another story, lol! Thanks for the tips Gary 🙂

  12. Great tip Gary..

  13. Thanks Chris. Just the basics… I'll tackle heavier stuff later. Like "How many holes can a small pile of lighted lump charcoal burn in your shirt?" Serious stuff like that 🙂

  14. I just got a free smoker that needs some work…thanks for the video! 

  15. My grill has some kind silver going down both sides. How do I remove this and have it looking new? The rest of the grill is fine. Thanks Karen

  16. Hi there, can you do this process to the actually BBQ grill as well? Thanks in advance.

  17. I my grill has rust on the inside can I clean it the same way? Maybe skip the spray paint part? Or do recommend the vinegar and scrubbing method?

  18. what if the inside of the grill is rusted ?

  19. I have steel grates inside my offset smoker that has rust on some and not others.  How do I remove that?  I don't really want to cook on rust.

  20. You said to use a metal sanding block? What grit is it in a non metal block?

  21. So is sanding better than scrubbing the rust with vinegar, or do both methods pretty much accomplish the same thing?

  22. My smoker is rusty on the inside too. Is the same method for the inside or a different way

  23. Will steel wool do the job?

  24. That's temporary. Your just hiding the pinholes of rust everywhere. Look into products such as vehicle rust converters to convert the rust. Then coat with high temp spray. Otherwise you'll be doing this every couple years.

  25. Can this be done with the inside.

  26. Thanks for the video. I did exactly this today and it worked out great!

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