Bake Biscuits In A Dutch Oven on the Grill- How To Bake In Cast Iron Dutch Oven

how to bake biscuits in a cast iron dutch oven on the barbecue grill oven campfire Hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m going to show you how to bake biscuits in a Dutch Oven and make biscuits and bacon with My cast iron Dutch Oven I came out about fifteen minutes ago and heated up my grill my lid is very hot so I am moving it with my lid lifter I took foil and made and made some little balls of foil and drop them into the bottom of the cast iron Dutch oven make a nest of foil in the bottom of the Dutch oven made biscuits on a foil pan put them on a little piece of foil three biscuits I want to set them up off the bottom of the pan so they bake and don’t just fry I love Lodge Logic Cast Iron I love my cast iron number ten lid because it has a rim on it I am going to cook bacon on the top of the lid shut the barbecue come back in a few minutes and
flip over the bacon and then in 15 minutes hopefully all of it will be ready for breakfast how does that bacon look good enough to eat take it off put it on a paper plate let the grease drain off while the biscuits finish baking in the cast iron Dutch oven check the biscuits my gosh do those look good they are not burned on the bottom because the foil
kept them up off the bottom of the Dutch oven with foil balls Dutch oven breakfast I made on my
barbecue biscuits bacon berries and butter try baking biscuits in your cast
iron Dutch oven on your barbecue and then you’ll know what to do using Lodge Logic Cast Iron whether
you are camping barbecuing or emergency cooking please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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