Austin XL Pellet Grill

[Upbeat Music] introducing the Austin XL pellet grill
by Pit Boss the Austin XL will revolutionize the way
you cook in your own backyard smoke wood fire pizza, convection bake, braise
flame broil, boil, saute, skillet breakfast, grill, deep-fry, stir-fry and produce
world-class barbecue the Austin comes standard with heavy-duty wheels in
bottom shelf, digital control board with prime button for quick heat recovery and
temperature control to dial in the desired cooking temperature two meat probe ports
to monitor two cuts of meat at the same time a pellet dump system to trade out
premium grade hard wood pellet flavors dome thermometer pellet view window 1000 square inches of cooking space it also comes with a side shelf, cast
iron cooking grids and 200 pounds of heavy duty construction making it one of
the toughest grills available and most importantly the innovative flame broiler
that quickly transforms your Pit Boss from a world-class smoker to a high temp
wood fire grill the Pit Boss Austin XL is hands-down the best value on the
market don’t be misled by a higher price competitors Pit Boss: bigger hotter
heavier and more versatile than any other grill out there


  1. I have one and I like it. But my concern is that the heat shield rusted already.

  2. I just got mine for less than 400 st Wal-Mart. I will post a video review in a bit.
    Purchased the 3 year extended warrantybtoo.

  3. Just Got one at Walmart $477 out the door' 2 people putting it together makes thing easier and quicker. I think this is a 2018 model.

  4. I wish I could get one of these only they don’t sell them in Canada

  5. Picked mine up the other day. My only advice so far is to have an extra set of hands putting it together. This thing is a monster.

  6. My favorite smoker of all time

  7. Incase anyone wants to buy one of these, the box is very big and just fits in a small pickup. Best to leave box in pickup, and put stand together, then with an extra pair of hands basically slide the barrel and pellet feeder from the truck bed onto the stand. It just makes it a little easier than picking it up off the ground, because it is heavy. Also there is the occasional screw or bolt that just won't thread properly, which is no big deal if you have a tap die handy, or you know someone that you can borrow it from. They did a nice job on the wheels, because even know it is pretty heavy, it is very easy to move on flat surfaces. Might want to tinfoil the boiler plate because it rusts like a big dog also.

  8. I just bought my first house. I love bbq but I’m Brazilian so we usually do charcoal steak salt and garlic on bbq. But when I saw this grill I had to get it. Dam thing is a monster awesome grill

  9. Sell them in Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Product is Awesome!!!>>>  My family absolutely loves to grill on this!! It came in 2 separate shipments. Both heavy but very well packed. Took about 2 days to put together. Works perfectly and looks great!!!! Highly recommend this product!!! Love love love!

  11. This thing has wide temperature swings from being set for 250 and it hits 380 out of the blue??? it's done this about three times upon its first cook. and it over cooks my food. burnt my ribs. This thing needs an PID Upgrade. but would i have to change the entire box

  12. has missing screws.

  13. "With prime button for quick heat recovery". What does that mean, exactly, and how does that work?

  14. I've sent an email and have not received a response from you so I will go about doing it this way. I've purchased the Austin XL on Father's Day of this year I have noticed that when I have the temperature at 350 the Right side of the grill is around 500゚. I come from owning a trigger before this and I understand some spikes in he due to the poets being fed and what not but not a 150゚ spike. I know with the firepot that it will be hotter in that area but not like what I'm experiencing. Also what is the purpose of that flimsy metal tray that has the hole in the center for the Firepot

  15. haveing problems with my pitboss austin xl i bought it brand new been haveing this problem since i bout the grill here a video of whats going on with my gril

  16. Just bought one for $350 on clearance at Walmart!

  17. Brand new keeps tripping The GFCI outlet. Called customer service and they said that it sounds like the ignitor. Really!!!. What a joke! Customer service sucks 👎. now I have to box it up and get money back…why sell it if you know their is a problem.. not the first with the problem.. beware.

  18. There is no confusion. I know what's wrong with it.your not making sense.look it up I'm not the first person with this problem.i shouldn't have to work on something that is brand new.

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