Asmr nuclear fire sauce Grilled octopus skewers mukbang 핵불닭소스 대왕문어꼬치 구이 먹방 eating show

Hello~! Everyone! I’m kangmin asmr. Today’s food is grilled octopus skewers. It was very hard to make. I’ll cook and eat right away! Grilled octopus skewers! Leeks have been separated! Sprinkle with lemon Ate well. The one-chip challenge is so successful that the fire sauce is not spicy. Please press “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons!


  1. 매운불닭소스🐙 대왕문어꼬지 🤤와 크다 몇인분인까 참 맛있겠도 요리하네 오늘도 잘 보고 간다

  2. Your sound is great today!

  3. I never thought I’d be watching something like this but here I am.

  4. 요리 실력이 너무 훌륭하세요 너무 맛있을거 같아요!!🤤😋

  5. I definitely want to try that recipe, but unfortunately we don’t have easy access to octopus since it’s not normal to eat it in our country 😂

  6. 웰케 늦게올려..?

  7. 한 5개월 고생하다가 딱 떡상할 영상 퀄리티에..썸네일 ..와드박읍시다

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