[ASMR] Live Gray mullet Sashimi Grilled 🐟 숭어 회+구이 먹방 ボラ 鲻鱼 mújol cá đối кефальEatingsound Mukbang

Hello, I’m So Young. I’m going to try mullet today. The mullet’s jumping up and down there. If you are uncomfortable with live mullet, press Skip or Back. I’m in trouble because I spilled some water. I’ll take it out and show it to you. What am I supposed to do? Okay, guys, this is a mullet. King Suratsang of Joseon Dynasty This fish used to be on the Surat Prize of the King of Joseon Dynasty. He’s very strong. I’m all wet. A mullet is the most popular fish in Korean proverbs. There is also a Korean saying that goes, “When a monkey jumps, a hammerhead jumps.” This is what the mullet looks like this. See? It’s a lot of color. There’s something I want to show you. If you look here, Soongi has a very unique tail. It’s a little red. Mom… Can you hear the sound of water My room is flooded. Everyone, it’s good to subscribe. Please tap it. mullet sashimi I’ll try the grilled mullet. I’ll cook mullet. I put a trout with a gut on its tail. It’s like this. It’s like… It’s a little primitive, isn’t it? Woo-ga-woo, shall we cook the fish? I’ll apply some oil. It’s the first time I’ve ever given a fish an oil massage. Reverse The mullet is glossy. I’ll bake! Ta-da! We’re ready. This is mullet sashimi. This is the mullet sphere. I baked it like a primitive man, didn’t I? Look at this. Then I’ll try it. It’s big, isn’t it? It’s my first time eating grilled mullet. It has a chewy texture compared to other fish. It doesn’t have much fat, so it has a light texture. mullet sashimi It’s like raw pork belly, right? The mullet is delicious with raw fish. The red part of the mullet conference has a soft texture. The texture of the white part is awesome. It tastes like jelly. fin flesh Do you see the scale? I’ll dip grilled fish into super spicy pepper paste. This part is delicious. Soongi’s bones are very pointed and thin. Lettuce I’ll try some lemon. It’s delicious even if you don’t eat the sauce. Was the mullet sashimi so delicious? It’s really good. I’ll put some super pepper paste on this. It’s annoying to dip it in. Everyone, sashimi is a mullet. in a classy manner I’ll try grilled mullet and mullet sashimi together. Wow, it’s really good today. Look, mullet bones look like needles. I’m scared. Today, I tried mullet raw fish and grilled mullet. I enjoyed it so much. Be sure to try trout fish you. Subscription, press OK, please!


  1. Oh maaaaa

  2. Ssoyoung is too freaking funny😂😂

  3. 참 신기하다…

    외국인들은 신기해하고 이런 사람도 있구나라고 그냥 받아드리면서 영상을 보고있는데

    한국인들은 왜 그러시나요? 불편한데 안그러시면 안돼요? 라는 댓글이 많네…

    이런 살아있는 생선을 괴롭히는 느낌의 영상을 불편해하는건 알겠지만 다른 영상들에서도 왜 한국인 댓글에는 ‘수정해주세요’ ‘불편합니다’ ‘왜 그러시는거죠’ 라는 묘하게 공격적인 댓글만 보이는걸까요.

    이분이 늘 이런 컨텐츠만 하신분이라 솔직히 생선의 싱싱함? 이런것도 보기 신기해서 전 영상들 그저 편하게 봅니다. 또한 이런거 보기 싫으시면 보시지 마시고 영상 누르지도 마세요, 이거해주세요 저거해주세요 하다가 이분의 개성 조차 잃으시겠네요.

  4. She funny

  5. I can’t stop laughing when she holds it and it’s moving and 😂😂😂

  6. que rico

  7. indira

  8. ,jutr6754ddozaaz

  9. Why so stupid

  10. Laugh so hard she's funny fight for her food 😂

  11. 웃긴게 한국인들 댓글반응 다 안좋고 한국인들도 저렇게 살아있는과정 보면서 먹는거 아닌데 외국인들 반응은 소영 욕하지 말아라.한국 문화인데 이해해줘야한다 이런식임ㅋㅋㅋㅋ저게 한국문화냐? 살라있는거 만지작거리면서 징그러운척 즐기다가 먹는게?…ㅋㅋㅋ생선은 어느나라든 먹는건 마찬가지인데 저런식으로 먹는거를 한국문화로 이해한거같음..소영때문에

  12. 😍

  13. Pobre pez 😡👊

  14. 언니 입술색 너무 이쁜데 알려주시면 안되겠ㅈ

  15. 0:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Sooyoung unnie so cute😂❤


  18. Anyone else find it so satisfying when she gets her drink??

  19. I actually kinda feel bad for that fish 🤠

  20. Does nobody else find this cruel and wrong?
    Not hating, but you're literally abusing the poor marine life.
    Like keeping a big fish in a small container?? Obviously it'll move around and squirm a lot.
    The fish is probably so stressed out and scared.
    I'm not trying to be "that person" but please be aware that what you are doing is poaching beautiful animals, that don't deserve this.

  21. After all that water splashing her room is probably a whole pool-

  22. she showed no mercy on that fish tho 😂😂😂

  23. fishy and stanky

  24. This is so sad

  25. When I find myself in times of trouble, ssoyoung comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: Ah ah aah ahhh maah ahh

  26. When you call your mom lol your cute

  27. 일부러 오버하는것같아요..

  28. She fights her food first to assert her dominance

  29. А почему название русское??

  30. vegans have left the chat

  31. deo gyuchigjeog-igo jalmeogneunda!!:)😍

  32. This is literally me trying to get my life under control…

  33. you are good at eating 😀

  34. ㅋㅋ 진짜웃기네요 ''제방이침수돼는소리임니다''


  36. She looks like Jung hoseok (jhope) sister 🤨

  37. she can really have so much food in her stomach but i cant even put a fork in my mouth lol lmao 🥺😑

  38. Fighting sea life must be a good form of exercise

  39. Aw that was a cute little 'cheers' haha

  40. 힘내요..

  41. We don't need the asmr mukbang anymore just show us your fights with fish lmao

  42. If you are born in next life any sort of seelife, I wish I'll be born a mukbanger. Just making a little money of your death 😁


  44. How could you do this ? Don’t hate on me because it’s a personal opinion. And yes i am a meat eater but i don’t kill the animals myself and watch them suffer.

  45. One day, she should actually bring her mom😂

  46. Ssoyoung is the best wrestler to sea life.

  47. Every other mukbang youtuber: Eats and cooks peacefully Ssoyoung: I would never-

  48. Members on the blacklist

  49. I'm afraid they're still alive 😖

  50. How does she do it? I’d probably faint 😂
    She’s a queen and a master chef 👑

  51. p

  52. 나만웃긴가ㅋㅋ

  53. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂What delicious que rico ummmmm

  54. I really dislike seafood and I think I'm just never gonna eat one ever….She's funny to watch though.

  55. Sso young! I love your videos you are so fun and very funny 😄 ❤️

  56. Nadie absulutamente nadie
    Esta mina: come cosas CRUDAS

  57. how is she that skinny?!

    Btw anyone here in december of 2019?? (merry christmas or wtvr u celebrate!!!)

  58. Is it me or do you guys also just watch he part of her screaming at the animal

  59. Who else is only here to watch this poor innocent woman s u f f e r


  61. Is anyone else waiting for the day she knocks the tub of fish off the table

  62. 맛있게 요

  63. Legit she does her homework on the fish before the vid lol

  64. Sollte ich das nicht gucken wenn ich Angst vor fischen habe? Ich habe mir die Augen zu gekniffen und EXTREMEN schüttelfrost und erhöhter Puls und Blutdruck…ups

  65. 잔인하고 웃긴데 맛있겠더…

  66. "So how's your day?"
    Me: 3:15

  67. She isn't scared
    She is surprised xD

  68. Why no one is talking about the cruelty??
    Okay you gonna eat those just kill em dont play with them theyre not toys.. they are tortured for so much hours and they cant breathe move also theyre all slam to the floor

  69. Please try korean bbq asmr

  70. 1:16 when you realize you have to clean the floor

  71. Eats fish whole:

    Fishes Bones: am I a joke to you

  72. I love your account especially when try to pick the fish up 😂

  73. Like si amas sus videos porque son chistosos 😂😌

  74. does anyone else love the beginning where its the intro and shes like battling the fish, and then it cuts to her just devouring the fish

  75. 1:59 lmao sounds like my guinea pig

  76. nobody:
    Ssoyoung: fights with fish in socal media

  77. I wouldn't do this stuff even if at the end it tastes good

    Edit: Thanks for one like XD

  78. I bet her neighbours are questioning her sanity.

  79. I'm gonna call it:


  80. .You are amazing and beautiful こんにちは、あなたが日本人なら、あなたは美しいです . 요르단 또는 한국인이라면 아름답습니다 如果你是中国人,你很漂亮

  81. I like how she handles them because it’s so funny but I wish she didn’t spend the rest of the time eating sea creatures

  82. "soongi has a very unique tail"

    i read that as "yoongi has a very unique tail"-

  83. Wtf

  84. This women is hilarious😂 and this chanel is iconic👏🏽🐟

  85. That fish will eat you

  86. This is very funny that's why I'm subscribed it because she is very funny

  87. soyoung be like:
    wOoGgA wOggA

  88. Did it’s eyeball fall out..

  89. Not only is she a fighter, she's an educator! Keep it up!!! You enjoy this so much "why is mullet sashimi so delicious?", it definitely transpires 😌🤙🏽

  90. Fish: Moves around And splashes water Her: “Mom!”

  91. You are so good at cooking

  92. Her: I have bought you for my consumption.

    Fish: 1:57 Now this is what i like to call a pro gamer move

  93. <3

  94. this woman has the whole cast of Ariel in her damn stomach skjdjsjs

  95. Que rico :3 yo compro el pez vivo igual así me aseguró que está fresco jejej

  96. I watch her videos just because she's the cutest person on earth. Second, because i like her seeing battle the fish😂💀❤️

  97. 3:17 does anyone else think this fish’s face looks the ugliest or is it just me💀

  98. everybody: shes torturing an animal

    Me: gets entertained and loves and laughs likes

  99. I bet her stomach smells fishy ngl

  100. E encanto

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