“Ask The Chef” – Kitchen knives you should have.

Hey chef, what kind of knife should I use in the kitchen? Well in this video I’m gonna show you three maybe four knives that you might need in your kitchen coming up on Hey, what is going on everybody Jimmy here with the other chefs? So today’s episode is a little bit about what type of kitchen knives that you should be using inside of your kitchen Whether in your professional life or in your home life So we’re gonna head into the kitchen so that you guys can see the three possibly four knives That you should have in your knife bag and Here are their knives The first knife is a paring knife This knife is used for small detail work. Just like the hand grip that you see right here This is especially used for vegetables The second knife here is a longer knife called a chef’s knife. You notice that it has a Slightly curved blade that is used for chopping and rocking the knife back and forth The next knife is a serrated knife notice that the teeth on the knife is Used to cut through tougher items such as bread Tomatoes and other items and finally the fourth optional knife is a flexible boning knife notice that the knife is Primarily used for filleting fish or to break down chicken and racks of lamb or beef So there you have it Hopefully that gives you a little insight about what type knives that you should be using in your kitchens whether you’re using it at home or for use in your Professional careers all the links for the knives that I have mentioned will be placed on the notes Below the video. Hey, thanks for watching. If you love this video, give it a thumbs up. Hit that subscribe button Hit the bell for notifications for future videos and content coming soon to this video. Oh, by the way, Every Sunday I have decided that I’m going to start posting more videos and content to have more consistent Viewing in regards to the channel. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next video


  1. Hey everyone! Thank for watching! Question of the day? What type of knives do you use in the kitchen? Post your comments below!

  2. Chef would you make a video on tourne potato

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