Angry chef plans to sue Michelin for rating his restaurant — and the review was good

Keep my cooking out of your mouth.  That’s South Korean restaurateur Eo Yun-gwon’s sentiments to the prestigious Michelin restaurant listings, which rated the top chef’s eatery Ristorante Eo after he requested they not include it in their 2019 listings, according to CNN Advertisement  The angry foodie now says he’ll sue the guide for defamation — even though the coveted Michelin Travel Partner rating praised his work — because he considers their lack of transparency “corrupt ”  “I have filed a criminal complaint against Michelin Guide’s behavior of forcibly listing (restaurants) against their will and without a clear criteria,” Eo claimed French chef Marc Veyrat suing Michelin for ‘dishonoring’ him with latest star rating » According to Eo, Michelin’s unwillingness to disclose its ratings model or make itself accountable, puts undo stress on restaurant workers and he wants no part of that process He claimed that Michelin ignored his request to leave his Seoul-based Italian food hot spot out of their listings after it appeared in the French publication’s 2018 guide  Eo said on Facebook that there are plenty of restaurants in Seoul that are on par with his, yet were not reviewed by Michelin, which began publication in South Korean in 2016 Despite Eo’s biting critique of Michelin’s work, the restaurant guide company speaks highly of him  “Chef Eo Yun-gwon, who developed his culinary skills in Milan, delivers highly accomplished modern Italian cuisine through two set menus,” Michelin’s listing states “Each dish clearly demonstrates his insight into the integrity and simplicity of Italian cooking ”

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