Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Grilled Octopus with Frisee Salad

Hey everybody, welcome to my kitchen and say hello to my little friend. It’s a beautiful, fresh, Atlantic octopus.
I thought I’d walk through ‘Octopus 101’ a little bit because this is one of those
foods that’s delicious, easy to cook at home – it’s kind of a set it and forget it
item. All over the world, wherever octopus swim, everyone cooks octopus at home it’s just wonderful and I’m hoping that you get
into it too. Now, this is about as large an octopus as you would want to cook at
home. While it looks really big, when I stack all of it together, it’s about the
size of a two pound chicken. The octopus has a head, and it has eight legs, and
when you flip it over, it has a small beak. The beak is really the only thing
that you want to remove. Just open up this little cavity, and what I’ve removed
is the muscle that controls the beak. The other thing some people like to do, is
clean away the area of the octopus where the eyes rest. Just clutch them and
remove them. This octopus is missing the ink sack. The octopus head is absolutely
delicious, separating it from the body and the legs
is actually pretty smart when you cook it because you can remove it when it’s
tender. We’ve washed this octopus, there’s no need to dry it, so we’re just going to
let it come up to temperature together. I’m going to add some wine, I’m going to
add some water. Put that water to about to two-and-a-half inches of the top. Add
some whole black peppercorns. Season this with salt. I’m going to place an onion
cut in half, I’m going to add some celery, and I’m just going to cut that into two
or three inch pieces and add some carrot, same thing with leek – and all of these
vegetables are going to season the water that the octopus cooks in. Now, some
people love to puree fresh tomatoes, I find it with slicing the tomatoes in
half is just a-ok. All I’m waiting for here, is for this to come to a boil so I
can turn the heat down to maintain a simmer. And just let it go for two hours.
You can see the gentle pucker of a slow simmer has begun. So at this
point, I just put a lid on it, I turn the heat down to low, and I let it cook
for, an octopus of that size, about two hours at a slow simmer. And then I let it
cool in the cooking liquid. And here’s one that I did a couple hours ago and
then refrigerated. We ordered a couple of octopuses –we got the total weight we wanted but we got a small one and a big one. I’m
actually going to grill the legs for this salad. And you see how some stayed
intact, but others in the cooking process fell off – don’t let that worry you, but
these have dried for a couple of minutes now, and I want to season them salt. And
I’m going to season them with a little olive oil too.
I want to char these. They don’t need to cook, they just need to – I want to crisp
up the outside, so I have a little texture on them. So I just put a little
bit of olive oil, fresh olive oil, on my plate, and brush it onto my grill. Cleans
it and helps keep it free of little old sticky bits of food that might interfere
with the grilling of my octopus. And I already have seasoned this octopus, so I
don’t need to add more. So, I’m just going to put that onto my plate, because when I
take my octopus off it saves me a step and a little bit of food, and you get the
idea. All right, so a couple of plates for our
lunch, and you can see here, I’ve just put that smoky coarse char on there. And the
smell of this right now is absolutely amazing. First thing I want to do is decorate my plates with a little bit of this red
pepper relish that I love. Now, I got this recipe from a Tunisian grandmother when
I was making Bizarre Foods about nine-ten years ago, and it is a staple in my
house. There’s a jar of this in my refrigerator at all time. We have some
heads of frisée here – I’m looking for the tender, young hearts. Frisée is kind
of like the velcro of salad, once you dress it you can bundle it together.
You don’t want to overdress this, you can tell if you’ve overdressed a salad if
there’s dressing in the bottom of your bowl. Just put a nice little mound in the
middle of each. I made these earlier, this is bacon candy. It’s just bacon lardons
have been made with brown sugar and dried. It’s crunchy, it’s salty, it’s bacony.
It’s a meat crouton. You really want to show off the char, and those curls. Now,
oftentimes what I’ll do, because this dressing is so fun to drag the octopus
through, is just add a little drizzle of it around the outside. Chives – sprinkle
some of those on there. A little black pepper on that frisée salad. And maybe
just a line of olive oil on that octopus. This is a very easy grilled octopus


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