An English Chef Shows Us How to Fry Proper Fish and Chips

– I felt like I needed
to go to an Englishman to really understand how
to make fish and chips. – I think it’s time you start
asking all the American chefs to do your hot dog. However, we will do fish and
chips today and I will show you how to do a good one.
(laughing) (electric guitar music)
(blade swishing) (whooshing)
– Chef Brendan Collins of Birch, here in Los Angeles, let’s start out by making, like, really good chips here.
– [Brendan] Yeah. – How do you begin?
What have you got here? Is this a Russet?
– [Brendan] So, these, these are Kennebecs, actually. – [Jeremy] Kennebecs?
– I prefer to use Kennebecs. And then, you know, obviously
chips are cut thick. They’re not French fries, they’re chips, so I tend to go for, like,
three, three and a half inches with a kind of half inch square. We’re going to go into our fryer. I like to use sunflower seed oil, so it’s really nice and flavorsome. They take about, I
would say, five minutes, you know, three to four to five minutes. But basically, you
know, all you want to do depending on the size
that you cut the potato, you just want to make sure they’re soft. People always think, “Oh yeah, the fish is gonna
take a long time to cook.” The potato takes just as long to cook to get nice and crispy. We’re gonna put them into a bowl, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and then, we’re just going to
allow them to steam through. All right, so, fries up to temperature. We use cod.
– [Brendan] Why cod and not, like, halibut or something else? – I think it’s more flavorful. It’s got nice fat content
in it, if you can see that kind of, like, glistening shine. We’ve got our seasoned flour, so, basically, just flour and salt. You put that on first so the
batter sticks to the fish. So then, we put it in the batter and this batter is
basically beer, yeast, flour and a little turmeric, just for the color. And then, into our fat. We want to let it go in nice and slowly because we don’t want it
to stick to the bottom. And, we want the chips
to be nice and crispy at the same time as the
fish is perfectly cooked. So, we want to get these in. – [Jeremy] Well, how do
you check for doneness? – Basically, what we’re looking
for is nice golden chips with some crackle to it, you know, some nice crispness to it. And then, a nice golden fish. The fish, as you can see,
at this point, already, we’ve got a nice golden color on it, coming from the turmeric.
(oil bubbling) There’s our beautiful
fish, nice and crispy. Get some nice sea salt on it. – You want to get the salt
on there while it’s still pretty hot, right,
– [Brendan] Yeah, – to help it adhere?
– [Brendan] so it sticks. (oil bubbling)
(utensil clanging) There’s our chips. Same again, a little bit of salt. (food sliding)
Toss that. So, in our bowl, we’ve got tartar sauce. We’ve got our lemon, which
is not always imperative but I like to put lemon
on my fish and chips. – Just get a little acid to
cut through that fat there? – Mmm hmm, we serve it with malt vinegar. The vinegar is really for the chips. – Okay.
– [Brendan] And, that’s it, that’s our fish and chips.
(gentle guitar music) And for me, always tartar
sauce on the fish, always. – Oh, it smells so good. You can really smell the malt vinegar. Look at this, it’s steam
coming out of that. – I can already feel the tartar
sauce dripping down my chin, which is what it’s all about. – You can taste a little
bit of the turmeric in there and I love this tartar
sauce, so creamy and good. – The cornichons and the
pickles inside the tartar sauce help bring everything together, also. It’s just a good, honest plate of food. – What could be better? Thank you, Chef. – My pleasure, thank you. – I’m gonna just keep going.


  1. If you want to get a film of PROPER fish and chips being cooked, just go down the road to your nearest chippy, they'll easily do better job than this "chef".

  2. that silly fucking dripper bottle ruined it

  3. I've heard that Scotland is the number 1 place in the world for making real fish and chips? Isn't there a few mega award winning fish n chips shops that have the label of the best in the world for its fish n chips ?

  4. Non-brewed condiment? or real brewed vinegar??

  5. cod more flavour full than halibut…. what a donkey!

  6. Firstleh why taken skin off tattie, fry it all good and proper lad, non of the turmeric or yeast nonsense in't batter. You want flour, salt and fetch tin of tennants lad. Nee mushy peas either lad, agree on the cod, but don't muck around wit lemon andTartar sauce, salt, vinegar, mushy peas and a shitty wooden fork. And if you've any chips left over, stick em int 2 slices of warbutons with butter and tomato sauce. CHIP BUTTIE LAAAAADDDDDDD

  7. That is the worst looking fish and chips I've ever seen. Come to the UK and experience it from a proper chip shop

  8. Why Cod? Cuz it's cheap yo

  9. "I can feel the tartar sauce dripping down my chin" – chef Brendan Collins 2016

  10. 2:08 wannabe saltbae

  11. I don't like saying anything that stops potato consumption which is falling because its a wonder food, its where the British have got most of there vit C for decades, you can just about live on them and its really lovely food, I have them just about daily, and grow them every year. I live pretty high up in the hills, so blight is not a problem, but low down blight is sprayed for every crop, its pretty nasty chemicals they use as the spores get into the soil and need killing before rotting the crop (as in the Irish Potato Famine), as for washing the potatos, its like saying have a shower after a nuclear attack!!! The skin is where the chemicals persist,ย  peel them away and its just about pure potato. Other chemicals, potatos are sprayed directly with a chemical to stop sprouting, from mid winter onwards, most potatos have this chemical on the skin, you might be right, it might wash off, but most people who like skins don't do it. Another chemical is for killing slugs, itsย  bit nasty and kills birds who eat the slugs, its like 2nd hand smoking. Potatos are fine, a really good food, if there is a toxic risk it would be in the skin, why not just peel and be extra safe? I always peel my spuds, I once found a bit of metal, several times slugs, many times bruising or rotting, I honestly don't want to eat stuff like that, its only Chefs who promote eating skins cos it is easy for them, saves money peeling, adds nothing to the taste or texture, its just my opinion, so theres no need to be insulting MattyT98, and its fine saying just wash them, but as we import more and more potato from overseas, and its fact that anything nasty is in the skin, why do you think its so safe, or even pleasurable to eat the skin? And going back to just washing them, if you had a pan full of cow manure, woud you really just wash it and use it again? I think we should be eating more potato, and not lisen to lazy chefs who started this argument in the first place. Hope you will reply, and once again theres no need to be insulting, regards.

  12. This does looks rather nice.
    But I'd call this more of a fancy fish and chips.

    Fish and chips to me is really the every day mans food.
    Nothing beats getting a nice cod and chips in a newspaper roll covered in lovely salt and vinegar from the chipper ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. this guy is a tool

  14. Turmeric ??? wtf that aint right thats poncining it up

  15. Cod is not flavor full it has Zero flavor

  16. There are 2 kinds of potatoes, flour-y and waxy — waxy potatoes make the best chips. It's important, after battering the fish, to immediately drop it in the fryer to avoid leaving 'holes' in the batter from the grip of your thumb and forefingers — otherwise the batter envelope around the cooked fish will have loads of oil inside it.

    I'd rather have haddock or hake, and the chips with the skins still on, definitely tartar sauce on the fish (nothing 'posh' about that) — chips should be at least 1/2 inch (13 mm) thick ….don't want Belgian Fries (which Americans misnomer 'French' Fries)

  17. wtf it this

  18. Few things wrong I think. First the fat should be a combination of beef fat and palm oil. Flouring the fish so the batter has something to adhere to is solid advise. Haddock works just as well as cod. Fry your chips first. Then your fish and then give your chips a re fry to make them extra crisp. Malt vinegar is just a delicious on fish as it is on chips so you don't need lemon or tater sauce. I have never need the tumeric for browning because of the fat I use.

  19. not the best better mix at all ,rusk and flour is used then dip into an egg batter gives it the yellow color that would be more traditional ,my grandad had fish and chip shops for over 40 years , you should not be tasting turmeric,also just stick with the salt and vinegar….!!!

  20. this guys restaurant always has health inspection problems.

  21. Give the yanks any old shit, call it fish and chips and they'll love it

  22. He should be embarrassed with that, turmeric shouldn't be near a chip shop, you don't need it for colour that should come from the perfectly fried batter and less said about the chips the better

  23. Ffs this is not proper grub that you get over here. It's all about big portions at a good price not stuck up tiny portions and he put no fucking salt on it

  24. The malt vinegar in the dropper (as some of us here in America call it) is pretentious as hell. Get the fuck out of here with that hipster bullshit.

  25. Absolutely fucking awful

  26. beef dripping all day

  27. awful rendition

  28. I'm no British but that does not look like authentic fish and chip.

  29. Vinegar in a dropper bottle. Fuck me whatever next.

  30. Anaemic chips. Nothing about this was classically British.

  31. Fish and chips for pretentious wankers.

  32. Yeah no thanks.

  33. Can you get his Tartar sauce recipe? Please

  34. Fish and chips for Das Audi Auto uber kool with a "K" hip dudes

  35. Looked like shit tbh

  36. WTF was that abomination ? No mushy peas ? No vinegar on the fish batter ? Turmeric ? You THROW that fish in batter…where does he think the crispy bits are going to come from ?

  37. Not traditional Fish & Chips and he knows it.

  38. Sorry "chef" this is not the English way of making fish and chips. Your version seems to be for the benefit of Playboy magazine readers.

  39. I learned NOTHING from this video. Click-bait.

  40. Posh chips

  41. If someone served me fish and chips like that I would send them back

  42. disgrace putting tumeric in the batter , thats not english

  43. this guy has no idea of cooking fish and chips

  44. No, just no.

  45. lol. That fryer.

  46. Sorry my Mum didn't do any of that. She made the best fish'n'chips. No crappy tartar sauce just good old salt and vinegar. Oh and no electric deep fryer just a nice deep pot and cooking got better and better after each use.

  47. And he calls himself english

  48. Load of rubbish! not proper Fish and Chips!

  49. How many "cooks/chefs/celebrities/ ordinary people" have posted how to make the authentic/best/perfect/proper, etc., fish and chips on YouTube? Most seem to be there for the presenters "5 minutes of fame" and many just appear to copy each other, which with F&C is easy to do. Virtually none seem to have been to a real chippy or eaten products from them. Get to the basics. Batter – this is simply a thicker version of Yorkshire pudding batter – flour, water (maybe milk), salt, baking powder (maybe), and that's it. All the other gunk such as turmeric, red peppers, etc., are never used and the chips are never "steamed" and only fried once. Neither did we ever have tartar sauce or lemon with F&C, but salt and malt vinegar and the fish batter is rarely beer batter, except at a restaurant because they are way too expensive and we never had them. Where are the mushy peas, wallies and pickled onions? Finally, our F&C do not have a "flat" batter but a crispy, crinkly one.

    'nuf sed. plamuk aka travellingchef

  50. Chefy shite. Try to be a bit more accurate when representing the UK across the pond please.

  51. Terrible technique.

  52. Wow as a young chef this is very useful, thanks! so to recap.. step 1-=put potato in a deepfryer. Step 2. Put the FISH into the deepfryer. God damn thank you for revealing your ancient british wisdom. This video changes everything.

  53. As a British Person of upstanding reputation I am duly flabberghasted by this attempt.

    Also haddock is more traditional and both it and cod are in serious danger of being fished to extinction.

  54. fuck off. the only thing right is cod.

  55. I was thinking the same Lynch him. That must be the worst fish and chips. Batter looks like rubber. And the chips. f … me. 1/2 ".thick ' I recon if you served them on a Saturday night down town. You might end up with a black eye. Not from a punch . from one of them chips hitting you in the eye.

  56. Hes tried to improve fish n chips yet all hes is fucked it up!

  57. Yum

  58. Why is everyone hating ??? It looks amazing

  59. They got a British chef so that they wouldn't be bombarded in the comment section by British people going, "Good heavens! That's not a proper fish and chips! I do believe I've spilled me cup of tea in righteous indignation!" Looks like it didn't help.


  61. That fish looks really strange… like it almost looks like it wasnt really fried…

  62. Peel your spuds u lazy chef

  63. This is NOT the fish and chips I know… Smh

  64. That looks shit!!!

  65. The fries, er, "chips", are hardly finnished

  66. This guy is having a laugh if he thinks those are exceptional fish in chips. Those are totally average and underwhelming.

  67. Mcdonald Philippines should learn that their Fish and fries is not the Fish and chips! lol but nice try!

  68. you sure this guy is English he just butchered them fish and chips criminal

  69. looks nice but not what you get in a "proper" chippy

  70. I live in the UK and eat fish and chips every few weeks.I wouldn't feed that to my dog.

  71. My name is nano

  72. What shit is this?! ๐Ÿ™
    I am from Yorkshire near Whitby and I can tell you that this is no where near authentic!
    Turmeric in batter? Chips the size of canoes? Didn't wash the starch out? And the batter was probably at room temperature before cooking! Which is wrong! The batter should be chilled as much as possible before frying in order to give a proper crisp!
    No beef dripping?
    Go to a costal town in the north of England to see how it's done!

  73. Not authentic at all what a tit……..

  74. This guy doesn't know what he's doing.. come to sols fish bar on great western street Manchester and I'll show you how to make British fish and chips….

  75. Noooooo, it has to be lard, LAAAARD FAT or Dripping, never ever oil, oil makes the chips and fish SOGGY.
    This is posh/snob muck, NOT traditional Fich and Chip, ( chinese pronunciation).

  76. that dropper doe

  77. you should talk to any kiwi (new zealander), we have mastered fish n chips.

  78. What a joke

  79. Actually, that was a pretty shite demonstration. If you cook fish ( haddock for me ) then the batter has to have enough weight to cause ' scraps' in the fryer. It should look really crunchy and cratery ( made up word) all over.

    The chips should be Maris Piper and soft and fluffy inside with a decent crunch outside.

  80. tumeric in fish batter? you have to be kidding! …nothing traditional here!

  81. Nah i'll stick with Heston..

  82. What a load of rubbish!! – Not peeling the potatoes properly; taking the chips out for a rest; TURMERIC!?; I've never seen tartare sauce in a British fish 'n' chip shop. Not by any means is this 'proper fish and chips' (that's my polite comment). He should be prosecuted for false advertising


  84. Delicious! It's making me hungry! I love fish & chips!

  85. Same fryer for both? Nahhh

  86. i boil my chips in lightly salted water before deep frying them

  87. the proper way to actually make fish in chips is to start off by jerking off on the seasoning, fart on the potatoes then tea bag the living shit out of the fish once it comes out of the fryer. make sure to let it rest.

  88. Lol Maby he should go make some hot dogs ๐Ÿ˜‚

  89. Horrible video. Doesn't give a temperature for the fryer. More importantly I would not be able to duplicate the BATTER from his description. Yeast,flour no amounts.What liquid? I made fish yesterday with a little help from Chef Ramsay. He didn't give amounts either. Two women from Australia helped the most.They gave amounts of everything and said to use beer. Turned out fine. Crispy. Tasty.

  90. I just want to say not one person in the UK has their fish and chips like this…. get down a chippy you fucking rug rat!

  91. English chef is an oxymoron.


  93. This guy honestly has no idea what the fuck he's doing, batter is supposed to be nice and light but this just makes it look like a brick. Also the chips are just lazy, no boiling beforehand? Frying then freezing then frying again. Disgraceful

  94. If not fried in tallow (beef fat), then it's not authentic at all. Lard is an acceptable substitute, but Absolutely NOT any industrially processed refined grain or seed oils whatsoever !

  95. Why is it that often in the UK, Greek chip shops make the best chips in their area?

  96. Useless no times temperatures or ingredient measures.

  97. Always tartar sauce?, turmeric?, and the chips looked like they were cut for fence posts.

  98. Looks seriously bland. British food just sux all the way around. Gross!

  99. Absolute bullshit and bollocks. The american guy should've pulled out a 45 calibre and put one through his head. This is so wrong it's impossible to know where to start. Vinegar using an eye-dropper !!! what a stupid twat. And where did all this using fucking oil come from ? . . beef dripping you twat. Do the world a favour and fuck off to another planet with a one way ticket taking your shit technique with you.

  100. Fuckin joke

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