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Today we’re in Selangor, Malaysia, a state
just outside of Kuala Lumpur and we’re trying a dish that you have to try when
you visit Malaysia, South Indian banana leaf rice so you get a banana leaf covered
in rice, piled with curries and we’re with our friends who are from KL and
they say that this is the best banana leaf rice you will find in the KL area
I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! our friends have brought us to this really
cool place called Sri Ganapathi Mess and it’s a really undercover restaurant
because it’s in a, in a house and there’s no signage out the front, we’re now in
sort of where we walk in, is the kitchen so you can see there’s all the
pots and pans the serving being done and there’s little rooms and tables dotted
everywhere so this is a really undercover place and it’s gonna be
really cool to try this meal we’ve each got a veritable feast in front of us, virtually as soon as you sit down the staff come bubbling around and they’ve got their banana leaves and they’ve got their containers filled with interesting
curries and sauces it’s so exciting so you get given a banana leaf to begin
with and the banana leaf acts as your plate you then choose between white rice and
parboiled rice, so I’ve got white rice here and then you get spoonfuls of
different things, we’ve got some fresh cucumber, carrot and red onion here and
then next to it there’s some cooked onion with some mustard seeds in a bit
of a gravy and next to it we’ve got bitter gourd I think it is in a thicker
gravy there’s some mustard seeds in there as well and then next to it we’ve got some
beans which have been cooked with again mustard seeds and I think a lentil, some lentils in there as well because it’s quite thick, then on
top of the rice we’ve got gravy I went for chicken curry, Thomas has gone for
onion curry, we’ve got this crispy poppadom here which we’re gonna crush up and add to our meal and then to go with all of that we ordered some mutton curry,
so mutton is actually goat and then some crispy sotong or squid, we’ve also got
some chicken rasam which is an Indian soup to wash it all down with so as Sheena mentioned I’ve got the same spread as her except I got an onion
curry, so the onion curry is the one that they put on your rice so everyone
gets all of these dishes that Sheena explained but the one on your rice you
get to choose and you don’t have to choose one you could choose multiple so
I could have had the chicken and the onion and the fish if I’d liked but we just got the one curry each so then we can have more of the side dishes let’s just dive
in and try some of the onion curry, so basically you just mix it all up
because you want all the flavours to come together and normally you’d mix it all
through with all of these sides I’m gonna try just the onion curry and the
rice by itself to start with, oh yum, yum! It’s got a really really good spice to it like a
really a spicy chilli tingle on the front of the tongue that’s really good the
onion flavour adds a real sweetness to the dish and it’s got these big green
bits in here which must be bitter gourd you can see they’re kind of bubbly on
the edge so I’m just gonna try a bit more rice with the with the gravy and
then one of those bitter gourds oh wow it’s not nearly as bitter as I
was expecting but it does add a little bit of bitterness down the side of my
tongue but that chilli on the front of my tongue is an overriding like really hot
flavour just spicy chilli bang that’s really really good
it is so well-balanced sometimes a curry like that can be a bit heavy on one
thing or another but that is incredibly well-balanced but now let’s get in and
lets mix everything together I’ll have just one epic mouthful to start off so we’ll
grab a bit of everything I’m gonna dump it all in there dump the beans in there
we’ve got these fresh vegetables for crunch and freshness, got the papadum
lets break a little bit of that off we’ll add some of that in too, just going
for the full-on flavour burst, mmmmm the beans still have a bit of crunch and
they’re full of mustard seeds so the mustard seed flavour really bursts, the
fresh cucumber was very fresh that was a really good taste
and then all those sauces start to come together and it just builds and builds so what will happen is we’ll keep mixing this rice more and more and then we’ve got the
other side dishes the other curries, the squid everything will be mixed together
and create the most incredible flavour look at this incredible crunchy
calamari, there’s also some onion in there so I’m gonna grab a few pieces and dump
it on my banana leaf so I’m ready to go and then also we’ve got this mutton
curry, it’s cooked on the bone and it looks pretty juicy it’s sitting in quite
a creamy looking gravy so I’m gonna grab a piece of that as well, I love when meat
is cooked on the bone because it often means that the meat itself retains quite
a bit of juiciness what I’m gonna do is just try a mouthful of this rice with
the chicken curry so let’s give this a go mmm wow,
that chicken flavour is quite strong but the distinctive or most distinctive
taste coming from it is all the spices, really mellow, let’s give this amazing looking calamari a go it’s chopped so thin and it’s just got the bits of batter laced
around the edges, it looks so crunchy hmm oh wow that’s some of the best
calamari I’ve ever had, it’s slightly chewy crispy still from that batter wow
that’s so moreish, those onions too look so crispy again you can really taste that sweet
onion flavour like Thomas talked about how his onion curry really imparted a
beautiful caramelised sweet flavour the same with that crispy onion let’s give
this mutton curry a go, so I’m just going to pull a bit of the meat off the bone
you can see the meat has soaked up a lot of that gravy and mix it in with my
rice and try that hmm, the meat still has a little bit of chew but it’s very tender a lot of stunning flavours, there’s curry leaves in
there, there’s a red onion, there’s just really beautiful spice it’s not that
fiery, ah that’s so good we’ve also got a chicken rasam which
is an Indian soup to wash it all down with, apparently Sri Ganapathi Mess which is where we’re having lunch is really well known for its
crab rasam but unfortunately they don’t have it today so let’s give this
chicken one a go that’s amazing, it’s quite watery, but it’s very pedas. Pedas means hot in Malay like chilli hot and it’s got a really strong
chicken flavour, that’s really really delicious I need to talk about this
squid because it is so, so good I know Sheena has already talked about it but it
is incredible these very finely cut pieces just lightly crumbed and then
deep-fried the flavour is amazing it’s super tender it’s just got a little bit of crunch that is incredible,
it’s probably the best squid I have ever eaten in my life it’s so good and the fact it has
these onions so these very finely sliced onions which are also mixed right through with the squid, they’re crispy on the edge, they’re a
little bit caramelised and they’re in big chunks as well so you can grab it like a
whole piece absolutely brilliant flavour like just salty enough, sweet enough, awesome awesome dish so I just finished my meal and I really enjoyed it and this is what I’m gonna do, to show that I really like it and my appreciation towards the cooks so I fold it this way so make sure you always fold it towards you, not against you you fold it against you when you do not like the meal but most of times we love it so we put it this way that was one great meal
and we have to say a huge thank you to Jean and Drake for taking us to that
fantastic restaurant, remember details are down below in the description so you
too can find this place and don’t forget to hit subscribe while you’re down there
if you enjoyed this video please give it a huge thumbs up thank you so much for
watching we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveller, not a tourist, see you next time, jumpa lagi!

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