All of Ricky Gervais Golden Globe Roast Compilation 2010 – 2020


  1. Mel gibson: alright.

  2. Ricky is my favorite comedian, one who has not succumbed to the thought police thugs, to the politically correct Stasi.

  3. A true comedian..

  4. The world in 2020 has seen James Corden as a fat pussy. He was also in cats 🤣

  5. 0:00 | 2010
    9:38 | 2011
    24:14 | 2012
    37:49 | 2016
    45:08 | 2020

  6. I love Iron Man but holy shit that was hard to watch

  7. 44:20 "You filth…all of y…oh we're back?!" LMAO The man has no filter, love it!

  8. Well done on this compilation 👍

  9. On the full shots of Rick it looks like he has golden legs

  10. 'Thank you to God for making me an atheist' lmao

  11. Sorry to hear that Ricky passed on right after the Golden Globs Awards. RIP.

  12. Robert Downey Jr: “Mean-spirited sinister undertones”
    proceeds to make one of the creepiest speeches I’ve seen

  13. We know who Mel blames 🤣😂

  14. Sub in spanish pleaseee!!!

  15. 32:34 😂😂😂😂 Look at Hayek's pissed off face and shocked Jessica Biel: "Oh nooo! He knows what we're doing!!"

  16. "I warned'em."

  17. How is it possible so many people didn't know Ricky Gervais until now?!

  18. Don Rickles approved!

  19. I have to watch Mercury Rising now.

  20. He should be presenting The Hunger Games to break the ice there

  21. I do not know about you who remove text with you this, But we want, and tolerate to hear the reality !!!

  22. i dont get the Paul Mccartney joke


  24. Just brilliant,what a genius can't stop watching this so perfect,pure perfection every word so fuck off Hollywood stop telling us little folks how to behave.Thank you Ricky Gervais !

  25. Hollywood still does not get it – nobody cares about you, nobody cares what you think (unless you work on a show like Access Hollywood and your job is to interview these morons). They don't understand that America strongly dislikes all of them for being smug idiots who push the agenda of democrat politicians

  26. Seeing him point to Weinstein with his Fiji water was quite telling.

  27. Okay but Olivia wild’s dress was stunning

  28. Jodie Foster took that roast like a champ 😂

  29. One person who likes every harsh jokes, is Robert Di Niro. It kills him. Love that face

  30. The opening monologue from 2016 isn't in there. Great compilation with all the extra bits though!

  31. You filth 😂😂😂

  32. pésima traducción, se ingles pero es insostenible escuchar e intentar leer su Google traslator…

  33. Why the terrible quality

  34. this is missing the feminist joke.

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