Aguijjim, a braised spicy monkfish dish

What’s frying in the wok? This spicy-looking dish is aguijjim
for two to three people. At first sight, this looks like a heap of bean sprouts
and some unrecognizable vegetables. But check out the bit of fish here. This is agui, or monkfish. Aguijjim is a braised spicy monkfish dish — and this is what the fish looks like. Though the fish doesn’t look all that mouthwatering, its flesh is moist, tender and delicate. The texture is often described
as being similar to lobster meat. This is the skin of monkfish, which is
considered a delicacy for its chewy texture. See how it’s difficult to tear the skin off the bones? And if all this wasn’t enough, you can finish off the dish
by stir-frying rice in the remaining sauce.

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