AGA How To Videos: How to cook boiled rice

Once you have an AGA, some of the things you
thought were difficult are suddenly really easy, like perfect rice. It’s very simple
just weigh your rice, 2 ounces or 50g per person and then put it into a measuring jug,
read off the volume, tip it into your saucepan. Now you need to just add twice the volume
of cold water, put the lid on and bring it to the boil on the boiling plate and then
once it’s boiling you just put the whole pan straight into the simmering oven or on a pan
that’s already on the floor and just cook it for the usual amount of time. Well after
20 minutes my rice is ready to serve and with AGA oven rice it doesn’t matter if your pans
change and you need to postpone the meal for half an hour just leave the rice in the simmering
oven and it’ll wait for you. Fluffy rice is so easy with the AGA.

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