Adam Gontier Roasts Three Days Grace

And uh rich back here being from Finger Eleven of course Corey, From ; Stuck Mojo, Dark New Day, I Empire, Stereomud But yes, we go back. We do old songs that we wrote from [a] while ago That’s because I believe you guys deserve to hear the song is the way they should be heard. Basically And I’m getting tired of hearing other do karaoke versions of songs that I fucking wrote a long time ago So i think its time to change that So on that note. Let’s do this song. I know you know it. I want to see this place. go fucking crazy Montre al Let’s do this see if you want from the front to back I want to see everybody moving Are You Ready!!!!


  1. I added subtitles to the video just in case anybody was confused on what was said

  2. Had the chance to see 3dg a few times since Adam left but couldn’t bring myself to go they just aren’t the same without him

  3. He left 3DG.. he can’t really say shit. Love Adam but kind of assholish IMO

  4. That moment when you think back to the time adam gontier was 3DG 🤯

  5. he is crap he is saying crap about the three days grace even if i miss him in the band he has no right to call them crap plus i still love the three days grace regradless

  6. Just a reminder
    He left the band. The band didn’t leave him.

  7. Tbh. This not touches only TDG. This touches everyone else who covers adam gontier songs. Everyone who puts up a show with their songs becomes a simple "karaoke" basically i loved adam so much. But if i think now. If i cover few of hes songs i basically become low karaoke. So now i dont dare to cover hes songs no more

  8. Matt is trush

  9. Bruh he was the main part of three days grace

  10. I’m a little confused. Didn’t He leave? He wasn’t kicked out, right?

  11. Adam is better than Matt

  12. As a relatively new 3dg fan, I would understand why people would see me as irrelevant but here's my view. I can understand why Adam would be mad at Matt for singing his songs but at the end of the day, 3dg are still 3dg and songs that Adam wrote and sung are by 3dg. For fans going to concerts they want songs from 3dg not just new ones. And like many people have said and I'm glad they have, Adam left 3dg so he can't really complain about what they do. Adam and Matt's voice are very different, I like them both but I must say I do prefer Adam's voice and style. However I have a lot of respect for Matt, taking over from him because backlash is inevitable, especially just before a tour so kudos to him. So this lowkey annoyed me, Adam should've expected them to carry on. Ik they are songs he wrote from personal experiences but if he didn't like the idea of someone else singing them, he shouldn't have left. He must've expected he'd be replaced and Matt has a lot of balls to take over from someone like Adam and to have don it in the way he has.

  13. I mean he shouldn't have left if he wanted to keep singing the songs out out under the band's name

  14. When this mans said he’s tired of hearing karaoke versions of his songs I legit died

  15. Will I be hated if I say I'm a fan of Matt and Adam but I like Adam more

  16. Sounds to me someone needs to pick a side "I'm getting tired of hesring karaoke version of my songs" then "I respect the band and the direction they're going" pick a side and stand by it dammit

  17. Matt Walst is far better than adam gotnier! The only thing that adam has to do is eat shit! Cuz matt walst has beaten him at his own songs and sang it far better!

  18. Plz come back Adam 💔

  19. Hell yea. Adam ur the greatest

  20. Animal I have become is my anthem

  21. is this saint???the band

  22. It is nice hearing him sing his songs how they should be and how they are remembered

  23. He’s acting like all three days graces old songs belong to him only and the actual band doesn’t get any credit

  24. I think any 3DG material pre Matt Walst belongs to Saint Asonia now, if it doesn't then it should

  25. Holy shit I thought Adam gontier forgot how to songs his old songs I was fucking wrong

  26. Three days grace pretty much became my darkest days with a different singer yes Matt is the singer from my darkest days

  27. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I just saw 3DG the other night in Chicago and I was disappointed with the cover of the older songs.

  28. Hes fucking amazing!!

  29. He didn't leave three days grace bc of health problems he left bc he didn't like the band he got salty and left I should know this I've listened to them for my entire life

  30. Replacement? Didnt he leave I mean thats facts lol


  32. Adam went through so much pain and suffering while writing those songs and then Matt just strolls in and makes money off of Adam’s addiction. I’d be irritated too.

  33. Lost a lot of respect for Adam after this

  34. Either this was the OKC show or he recites the same shade word for word at every single show.

  35. Three days grace shouldn’t have gone with the first singer they had available to them. Should’ve used Matt for the tour due to the time crunch then worked on finding someone who is actually capable of singing the songs without their voice cracking and sounding like they’re a preteen hitting puberty

  36. Lmfao and they cant say shit because regardless of them being known as 3dg songs he wrote them so they are his through and through.

  37. The songs they make now aren’t bad, and I’ve liked a lot of them. But it’s not the same sound or feeling to me as TDG with Adam and his voice. Which makes sense of course because he was the FRONT man. But I can also see why he’s pretty upset that someone else is singing his pain. But you know the new front man does it because those songs ARE TDG and it’s for the fans. You can’t hate on them both too much for that

  38. New 3DG is meh. Adam forever. 🤟

  39. What a fucking dick

  40. I have no clue what moves Adam is doing on stage but I love it

  41. It's so great hearing Adam still enjoy this song (or at least appear to). While understandable, so many bands get tired of playing their old hits and get a little pissed that the fans still ask for them but Adam seems excited to jump back into it!

  42. i still don't see whats wrong with matt, I think matt is awesome. (both are awesome)

  43. That was not a roast

  44. Adam looks so much better which is a good thing

  45. My favourite band was 3DG, when Adam left it became Saint Asonia. I'm sorry, I hate hearing my favourite songs with Matt's voice. Adam is my favourite singer, his voice is really something else.

  46. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. Omg what a roast that we all used in 5th grade😒


  49. It’s not like they kicked him out..he left so no need to roast anyone, Matt is just keeping the band going

  50. Adam left 3DG and he allowed them to keep the name and so they sing his old songs if he was gonna have a problem with it why didn't he just say so in the beginning or is it cause he's missing his old bad and knows he messed up but yes 3DG was much better with him but Matt is a good singer also and they do sound different but that's not gonna stop me from being a fan

  51. I love Adam but I personally think that Neil was the better songwriter in the band 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ no hate to Adam, I love the bloke.

  52. He didn't roast his own band .

  53. Adam You're a great vocalist and TDG first 2 records have made times in my life more bearable but that's a complete dick and egotistical move and lets not forget at the end of the day you made the conscious decision to depart from the band. I refuse for matt bashers to try and tell me otherwise.

  54. Wow He just buried Matt

  55. Now,I am an Adam Gontier

  56. Jesus Adam you don’t have to hate on Matt for carrying out YOUR legacy

  57. Lmaooooo

    Sad but hilarious

  58. Agree but also a bit disagree, I mean that way a cover would also not be possible, I mean it’s not theirs or their feelings so yeah. I get him he’s pissed but also kinda not and he left… I know he didn’t felt the band anymore still he could’ve expected this so not let it bother him. But cool he sing it again, gave me a good feeling.

  59. What’s fun about a 3DG live performance when you can’t even hear the songs of the albums they created with adam. Matt can’t help it that he didn’t write those songs. He is new in the band (4 years now so not really that new) and he is an amazing live performer. I saw them live just a month ago and I can tell you that it definitely didn’t dissapoint. So adam should shut up about it and move on with his new band (also a great band). 🤘🏻

  60. Its nice to see that Adam is having fun singing this song instead of suffering through it all.

  61. I know there would be no point but he should claim the rights to the songs he wrote.

  62. At least Matt stepped up when you ran away like a bitch and left a note like little school girl.

  63. Matt co-wrote on one-x…soooo

  64. If you leave a band, you can’t expect the rest of the band to not pick someone new up and continue performing the songs they’ve performed with you throughout the years. It’s not completely Adam’s songs, he wrote them with 3DG. If he’s talking about the new 3DG here, he’s being kind of an asshole to be honest.

  65. Didn't he have to pay performance rights to 3DG to sing this again? He doesn't own the rights to these songs anymore, right?

  66. Love adam!

  67. I don't think he roasted 3DG. He's basically saying, a bunch of bands are covering this song. Now's his turn

  68. well, he's right, any of his songs not sing by him is considered karaoke

  69. Now that’s the real three days grace I remember .

  70. adam is the reason i came to TDG
    matt is the reason i LEFT TDG

  71. Haven't listened to 3dg since he left and I don't think 3dg needs to be doing those old songs if nothing more than professional respect towards Adam

  72. What a douche. Left the band high and dry as a Christmas present, then slams them for carrying on and trying to make a living.

    Fuck you, Cuntier.

  73. He's obviously talking about Matt Walst, he wouldn't diss the rest of the band that he played with for years.

  74. Both Adam and Matt are great idk y ppl hate Matt for being apart of one of the biggest metal bands out there

  75. I feel like adam shouldnt be upset about Matt singing those songs still. Because i feel like the songs belong to the overall band, not just the singer. I feel like the feelings of the other band members are being ignored, because they worked hard to create these songs too. It was Adam's choice to leave TDG, and i think it would be better if he was more mature about this situation. I know adam put heart into these songs, but so did the rest of the band, and i believe that any official member of TDG should have the honor of playing the songs that belong to the BAND. I think its definetly cool that adam still enjoys playing the TDG songs him and TDG created, but it should be expressed positively that TDG is moving on, and so is adam. Its 2019, and we need to move on. Matt is trying so hard only to be ridiculed for, maybe trying too hard to please fans who miss Adam. Its definetly not his fault he feels this way, after all of the hate he gets. I honestly wish i could tell him he is an amazing singer, and i appreciate him and TDG's music, the music inspires me to keep going, and it makes me feel like someone out there understands how i feel. I met Matt once, but i couldn't tell him this, i had no time to…

  76. when Adam started singing i actually started crying😂😭

  77. good for him , Adam Is the best haha

  78. I agree with adam. He has personally said that "Animal I have become" is a song he wrote about the animal he had become because of his drugs problems and the new singer has ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED THAT SONG IN PARTICULAR BECAUSE HE MAKES IT A PARTY SONG WHEN ADAM DID NOT MEANT THAT SONG TO BE A PARTY SONG!

  79. He did leave them in the dust so what did he expect? Adam was selfish.

  80. U da man Adam. Mad love for u brother

  81. I thought he said in an interview with Loudwire him and the band were on good terms

  82. So according to Adam, Three Days Grace post Transit of Venus is a karaoke band?
    You cut deep, Adam.

  83. Adam is acting like a huge bitch in here. He left the band without confronting the rest of the guys about it, but through a lawyer apparently, he started another band because he "couldn't make the music he wanted anymore" but still complains about his songs being played by a new singer, like what did you expect?? Three days grace started fresh just like he did, and he left voluntarily, what's the point of being an asshole about it

  84. The alpha calling out the beta's lmao

  85. Karaoke

  86. ADAM or MATT

  87. U know I still really like three days grace but he does have a point, matt is also trying his best to keep TDG up there

  88. Fuck this prick. He left the band, now he complains that "his" songs arent played right. He didnt make the album alone, anyone can write words on paper.

  89. I would be mad to I mean Mat Walst sounds good but I don't like the fact that he does Karaoke songs from Adam it pisses me off. P.S. this video was hilarious

  90. If Adam wrote the songs, cant he just do a remake of them for a 3rd Saint Asonia album? Or do the 3DG now have the sole rights to them? Shame…

  91. Matt Walst blown the fuck out, lul

  92. i don't hate adam or matt so yeah

  93. I love Adam

  94. Grabbing popcorn to read the comments

  95. Cant wait to see them in August

  96. Wow what a sour bitch

  97. Adam chose to leave 3DG, but were those guys just supposed to lay down their livelihood? No, they had to go on and make a damn living. Not their fault Adam had the ability to say “fuck you” and leave. Matt isn’t Adam, but he’s doing his own thing with 3DG and got them two #1 songs on the last album.

  98. Качество звука видеоролика отвратительное.

  99. I'm a huge fan of 3DG, and I love the new songs too but 3DG without Adam is a different band.

  100. Adam made 3DG what it is today

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