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Let’s see if we can… I’m chef Adrienne Cheatham, and today I’m making soy
stout roasted chicken. But before you find out the recipe, click below to subscribe. Normally I’m cooking in
a different restaurant kitchen for my pop-up series. But today we’re
cooking somewhere else. Whose kitchen am I in? Hey I’m Chester. The three
things you need to know are that my roommate and I
have never cooked a single meal in here. No wonder. We’re not sure if the stove works, and everything you see in the kitchen actually belonged to a past
roommate who no longer lives here and didn’t want any of this stuff.
So, good luck! Thank you for letting me use
your kitchen, Chester. There’s actually a lot
of counter space and the most bare of necessities. Half of a kitchen shear. If I can find the
other half. You can have a lot of space but if you don’t cook in you’re kitchen,
you’re probably lacking a lot of essential tools. It is what it is. No wonder the old roommate didn’t
want to take these with him. *WOMP WOMP* One thing we’re going to do is get a little bit of an edge on this knife. You can use the backside of this
blade as a steel. To have like one really good knife
is like you know a basic necessity. To roast a chicken, you need a chicken. I’m going to work in
the sink primarily just to help keep it contained
and clean because why mess up these
nice clean counters that rarely ever get used? Cut straight up the spine. Normally with a sharp knife you
can glide right through. With this one I definitely had to like saw, and hack, and fight my
way through it, so it took a lot longer than it should’ve. We’re going to roast the two halves
instead of the whole chicken. We get more golden even crust and crisp on the skin, and who doesn’t like crispy
skin on their thighs? I know I do. I didn’t see any measuring cups. These are very interesting. Most people have these from take out. This is a quart container. It is
four cups even. This is a pint container. A pint is two cups. So, we need 1.5 cups of
soy. Go about ¾ of the way full. Let’s just use the whole thing. This fish sauce is like pure umami. And now our half of scissors.
Very handy. Now we’re going to cut the aromatics. Just going to peel the outer layers. But for the scallions we’re
going to use about four pieces and add these in one-inch pieces. That is the biggest clove of
garlic I’ve ever seen. Knife had to be good for something. Because our bowl is not big enough
we’re going to use this handy bag. And then squeeze out the excess air. It will need to sit for
2-3 hours at least. Growing up, my mom would
always roast a chicken. She always marinated
her chicken in beer. I worked for a chef who would
always baste his chicken with a mix of soy and butter. So, I just kind of combined the two. The first time I made this dish was like, “Oh my god. We stumbled upon something
borderline magical.” Well now our chicken is
marinated long enough. We can get our oven
pre-heated because you never want to put it into a lower temp. Your chicken will start to
cook from within and you’ll just have soggy skin. That doesn’t
make anyone happy. We need to find a baking sheet. So, we don’t have a baking sheet but we do have a broiler pan. It’s actually the lining from the bottom
part of the oven. It’s not flat. You don’t get even browning, you also get the liquid
kind of pooling on one side. We’re going to use about three
stalks of celery 12 of these large shiitakes. Okay and now our trumpets. We’re gonna go ahead and
take our chicken out of the marinade but we
are going to save a couple cups of it. *RECORD SCRATCH* Sorry Chester. We need more bowls. Before we put this in the oven we’re just going to add a
little bit of fat to the skin. Just to help it crisp up a little bit. It’ll take about 30 minutes. And we’re almost
done, I promise, but we’re going to do a
couple more veggies besides just the roasted ones
to serve our dish with. *SMOKE DETECTOR BEEPS LOUDLY* Sorry! Another thing about cooking
in apartments sometimes is you’re going to set off
your fire alarm. Have an open window handy. *BEEPING PERSISTS* *BEEPING ENDS* Okay! Now we can keep going. So, we’re going to get our daikon ready. Add some of our marinade. A little under one cup. And now we’re going to
prep our bok choy. This is Chester’s only other pot.
Glad he has two. Add about two more
cups of our marinade to the pot. Please work. Yes! Let’s give our chicken a look
see how it’s coming along. Oooh, nice. Baste our chicken on top of the skin. See how the chicken is getting
a nice golden brown color. Now our marinade has
come up to a boil. We’re going to add
about 2 tablespoons of butter. Does Chester have a whisk? Oh no… we’re going to try to
make this happen with a fork. I definitely didn’t expect to be breaking
a sweat doing this today but… And let it come back up to a full boil. Okay our bok choy is getting tender. Go ahead and get everything out. And our chicken is almost ready. Oh yes. So, one way to check without sticking a thermometer
in it if you don’t have one is to push on the breast. You want to feel some resistance. Now we’re going to let
the chicken rest for a few minutes. I don’t want to burst that little
bubble of love but it’s going to be delicious. Now this is the true gem.
The backbone. This is one of the parts that the cooks eat that never makes it to the dining room. My favorite
way is peel the skin off… This chicken cooked in this way
is kind of like wrapping yourself in
a delicious blanket of crispy skin and warmth. From the beer, you get this
kind of earthy wheatiness. The daikon also gives
you a change in texture. It’s tender. The bok choy adds a nice hit of water, but it still just adds a nice
element of nice vegetal flavor that really
complements the meat. A little bit of pan juice. Clean up
the edges. And there you have it. Chester, thanks for letting
me use your kitchen. I can’t say I’d like to cook here again, but this has been a blast. Just one piece of advice?
Just get a good knife. You don’t have to get a whole set. Just one good chefs
knife will change your world. Thanks so much for watching. Hope you enjoyed the recipe. Click here to watch more
videos like this, and click here to subscribe. Is there any more beer? Ah, thanks Jess.


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