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Oh my god.
Hahaha. I’m gonna have to do some dishes
Is that oven actually working? Okay, I don’t want to burn anything. Hi, I’m chef Adriana Urbina and
I’m gonna be making grilled octopus. Click here to subscribe. Before we start, I need to know
what do I have in this kitchen? Hi Chef, welcome to my kitchen. Uh huh… Our sink has been leaking so recently
we’ve been washing our dishes in our shower. Nooo! That’s my nightmare. Oh my god. Haha. Today I’m making grilled octopus with
yucca latkes, guasacaca, and persimmons. And I have to do all that in a kitchen
without a sink. So, I’m going to check the shower. And see if the water works. Alright. I’ve never seen a shower next
to a kitchen. So, that was very different. I need a pot first of all for the octopus. Oh! Okay. All right, I found a knife. Ok…. I really want to check this octopus,
see if it will fit in that mini pot. Look at this guy! So, first we need to check the head
and take everything that you see that is black. It’s like the brain. What you want to take out is this part. It’s like a little black nail. Because this guy is so big, we’re going
to be cutting it. So, the octopus is ready! While we make the stock. And actually I need water to clean
this knife a little bit. I’ll be in the shower. Haha. I have one onion. Garlic. Ginger. I’m gonna use cilantro because I love
the taste of cilantro. Perfect. Just a little bit of salt. Smells good already. Garlic cloves. Whole ginger. We’re gonna leave this cooking for
a couple minutes. Add the peppercorns. Chili powder. Apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons. I’m gonna add the water. We actually need a little more. When it’s boiling, I’m gonna come back
and show you how we’re going to cook that octopus. So, I’m gonna start doing my salsa
verde and I need a blender. Let me check — oh yeah! Yes, yes, yes. Yes! We need a plug. Anything is possible. For the salsa verde, or guasacaca,
I’m gonna use zucchini and cucumber peels, onions, and cilantro, and
avocados. Two green peppers. Lemon juice. …. If it doesn’t work, I’m gonna die. Let’s maybe change the plug. Fingers crossed. Nooo! It’s not working! Not working! Okay. We’re gonna make it
like a guacamole. Haha. Don’t worry guys.
It’s gonna be good. Pause this
for a second. Let’s cook this beautiful
octopus. We’re going to scare the octopus. We’re going to do this three times. 1,
2, 3,
4, 5,
6, 7,
8, 9,
10. Again. Look at that. If you don’t scare the octopus,
the octopus is not gonna be super tender as we want it. It’s gonna be
very rubbery and tough. 10. And now we’re gonna leave this
simmering for 30 minutes, and then probably add another 15 more minutes. This knife I’m actually gonna clean it. Start cutting the sauce. Wanna make like kinda like a paste. We’re getting there. We’re getting there. Now I’m gonna put it here. Beautiful. Add a little bit of salt. And do a little
bit of lemon juice. And then we’re
gonna smash it. Get it as smooth as possible. Mm. It’s actually good. 11, 10, almost done. You need to make sure that all
the octopus inside the water. Cause if not, it’s not gonna
cook evenly. You can put this
pot on top. Let’s just do 20 more minutes. We’re gonna start doing the yucca latkes. Be very careful with it. Make sure that your knife is very sharp. Something very important is to take
this middle part out. That’s actually
not good for your body. And then all this is garbage. I would normally use a grater for this,
but she doesn’t have one, so I’m gonna have to cut it in very small pieces. Cilantro. Basil. Two tablespoons of tapioca flour. I’m gonna add a little bit of pepper. Salt. A little water. Little by little. Alright, this is basically the
consistency that we want. And then we need a very hot pan. Make like, a little ball. Okay, timer. Let’s check the octopus. Yeah baby. Soft, like butter. ***Click, click*** Put it in your container. While it’s cooling down, the octopus
is absorbing all this delicious liquid that you made. I don’t know if I’ve
seen a spatula… Look at that. Beautiful. After a couple of minutes, you can
put the octopus in a separate pan, and let it cool down. Our latkes,
they look like they’re ready. Now we’re gonna do the marinade. We need a shallot. We’re gonna
use half. I want to cut this super small. Cilantro, and I’m gonna use a little bit
of the stems. This lemon. And we’re also gonna use that
cooking liquid. That’s where all the flavor is. Five tablespoons. We need the chili flakes. Sugar, to balance out the flavors. And now, cut this beautiful persimmon. Our beautiful octopus,
super soft. I’m gonna try a little piece. Mmm. This is actually very good. We don’t have a grill, so we’re
gonna use this burner. Let’s see if she has some tongs. We can do it with a fork. Add a little bit of olive oil. You want a little bit of browning. It’s gonna take a little bit of time. So, we’re ready. I want to marinate this with the sauce. This dish was inspired by flavors that I
grew up eating. Octopus, I used to
cook it a lot in Spain, and salsa verde and yucca, I ate it all the time in
Venezuela. Our colorful persimmons. And, it’s ready to go. Mmm! I love it! This kitchen, haha. I need to talk to you. This kitchen needs a very good knife,
and please water in your sink. That will help you so much. Thank you so much for watching guys. And if you want to watch more videos,
like this, click here. And if you want to subscribe, click here. It’s a huge bite. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Delicious!


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