5 Minutes with Gordon Ramsay

is a life skill. For me, it’s
fundamentally important. It’s just as crucial
as keeping face because Latin, history,
geography– no disrespect, but if you’re not going to teach
that for the rest of your life, it doesn’t come into play. Cooking does, three times
a day, seven days a week, for the rest of
your life to eat. So we don’t cook
three meals a day, but there’s one meal
across that day that needs to be absolutely
you on a plate, done properly, healthily
cooked, and sets you up, because you are what you eat. So we can never underestimate
the importance of food because that’s the fuel,
and especially in sport. This is my little nicoise–
a specialized nicoise, and it’s the kind of thing
that I pick myself up after cycling 200K. A beautiful piece of tuna. Brush that first with a
little bit of mustard. Stops it from drying out. Now, sesame Just
beautifully roll that down. I always think about
foods everywhere I go. So when I’m training, I’m
never very far away from food. I had that extraordinary
moment at the start of Kona two years ago where
I was paddling out sort of half past five
in the morning waiting for that amazing
cannon to go off. To get rid of the nerves, I just
started thinking about recipes and dishes and how do I
get through this 2.8K swim. The garnish– it’s
very, very simple. We got potatoes. Let’s start with a little
teaspoon of olive oil. We’ll get these potatoes
nice and crispy. Cut it in half, and
put that side down. So, in my bowl, got some
really nice shallot rings. Olive nicoise, some black
olives, some green beans. And then in there, I’m
just going to open up some of these little anchovies. A little touch of vinaigrette. This is classic vinaigrette
made with lots of lemon juice. And then we’ll just mix that up
nicely with some fresh parsley. Your tomatoes, balsamic
vinegar, fresh lemon juice in– that lifts everything. You work 14, 15 hours a day to
perfect an absolutely stunning dish. It disappears in
2 and 1/2 minutes. And that’s why I
said it loses you. You get on that
journey and nothing else matters except what
you put on the plate. Because you start off with
these raw ingredients and you go through that journey. 60 minutes later, you
got this bit of magic. Also, it’s an
incredible passion. It’s a huge canvas. Just take your salad leaves. I want to use the little hearts. Just open them up gently
without sort of ripping them. Get down to the heart, and
cut the hearts into fourths. Potatoes– nice and crispy. And then from there, as
they start to cool down, just put a little touch
of vinaigrette over there and hit them with your parsley. Food was my calling, I think,
because that was the way I could sort of disappear. Disappear, travel,
learn, and get really excited about something. And my first dream
was to go to France. To understand why were they the
sort of foundation of cooking. Why did they start it? How did they start it? And I disappeared. I became French. Within 18 months, I was
fluent in the language. I was holding my own
in a foreign kitchen, and I was seriously
cooking my ass off. Now, for the dressing. Very, very simple. Touch of the vinaigrette, and
then some fresh lemon juice. That gives a nice lightness,
vibrancy to the dish as well. Just lightly dress them. My first set of knives
was bought by a charity because my parents
couldn’t afford to send me to cooking
school, and this knife wallet was a “Swimbo.” It was with bright,
yellow handles. And trust me, they
couldn’t cut butter, but they looked the part. My mom had a tear in
her eye because she was upset she couldn’t afford it. My first set of whites and
my first set of knives. I still got them. Finally, the tuna. Get the pan nice and hot. Put a teaspoon of oil in there. Tuna into the pan. 90 seconds each side. Out. And literally squeeze some
fresh lemon juice on there. When you slice it, let
the knife do the work. Fingers on top and just slice
through nice and carefully. On. Three nice slices. Foods your journey, and
there’s something quite amazing about the way you cook. Of giving pleasure. My dream, when I
started out as a chef, was to discover every
ingredient and never be intimidated and not
know what to do with it. That level of perfection. I think I’m about
97% of the way there. There must be about 3%
or 4% of the ingredients that I still haven’t
discovered yet, and that’s the exciting
thing about food. That is what I call my
specialized tuna nicoise. Fucking delicious.


  1. You can say about him what you want but i belive him you dont get so far without pure love for what you do, not his behavior ore his skills should be what we should See we should copy his Love for what He do and for wich He do this. His Family

  2. Cycling at half past 5 in the morning. Shows how passionate this man is about what he does.

  3. Clickbait it’s not 5 minutes, it’s 5 minutes and 2 seconds

  4. My journey of cooking starts with a roll of hot pocket in the fridge and ends with a bag of chips in my hands.

  5. "a little teasponn" haha , that's not a teaspoon

  6. Too raw for me, but all respect for Ramsey's achievements.

  7. A mí me encantan sus ojos.


  9. 196 jealous bell ends! Get out of mummy's basement you lot and do something with your lives!
    Ramsay is a perfect example of what someone can achieve if they work their arse off for it!

  10. His passion is infectious. I don't even like cooking but listening to him talking about cooking got me wanting to be a chef LOL

  11. The very first sentence is the one of the biggest truths of life.

  12. i've always loved Gordon, but now I have a new found level of respect for where he came from.

  13. Wow, never thought I'd see Tristeza used for Ramsay.

  14. I'm eating junk while watching this 🙁

  15. He had to swear at the end lol

  16. But the meat is uncooked 🤤

  17. Not actually 5 mins. It was 4 mins and 51 seconds 😒

  18. so peaceful until "Fucking Delicious"

  19. Sounds like a new form of correctional programme for lazy unfocused low standard workers. Might work wonders!
    If all we got to do is be massive cunts to each other to get shit straight let's get it on!!

    If I just add a Knorr stock pot 10 should do!!

  20. Роскошный мужчина

  21. Me me me

  22. Love the video. Although, if another chef served that tuna to Gordon, I'm sure his reaction would be "IT'S FOOKIN RAAAAUU"

  23. It’s Gordon Ramsay…the world class chef …my “F” for me to him is Fabulous , Fantastic ,Favorite chef and I am a Fan ❤️❤️❤️

  24. The dislikes are just Australians liking the video

  25. I love gordon and how passionate he is, I watch every show and every video about him, makes wonder why I didn't study for chef, feels bad man.

  26. Gordan can never keep his head looking at the camera, always turning

  27. eating 3 times a day? i can just afford to eat 1 time a day max.

  28. Finally, a video that says 5 minutes that is actually 5 minutes long.

  29. Did he get a hair transplant
    Or did he just restyle it

  30. Gordon sees cooking as just another sport like football

  31. Fuckin' delicious.

  32. Just made this.. It's fucking delicious…

  33. its raw


  35. Great man… real legend

  36. What a human being. Inspirational!

  37. If you’ve ever seen him in person he is nothing like what you see on TV. This man is the best at his job hands down and has a passion for what he does. He is a hard ass but he will go that extra mile to help anyone who has that drive and passion to be a great chef. His love for what he does is an understatement. This man is the best of the best in the food industry.

  38. ay no q asco yo no te como ese pescado crudo iugg, con todo respeto te lo digo, se que tienes buenas recetas, pero esto no

  39. Wow he's just ruined my breakfast lol

  40. People that hate Gordon should watch this video

  41. Man.. this guy can cook!

  42. He’s so inspirational

  43. Tha man is an encyclopedia of food, ingredients and creativity

  44. Watch and lear people the master shows you.

  45. I was 7 the first time I watched Gorgon Ramsay on TV.
    From that moment onwards I was obsessed with cooking and the kitchen. Every toy I asked for was kitchen themed.
    Then at age 10 I got my first skillet and knife.
    My sister and brother got clothes and toys for Xmas that year and all I wanted was my cast iron skillet and a knife lol.
    It was a Wüsthof chefs knife. Cost my mum £90 (in 1998 – a lot of money back then)
    I remember the first thing I cooked;
    Fillet of beef with baby potatoes, mushrooms and red wine jus.
    Obviously only being 10 years old, my mother helped me. But with her instruction and guidance I done about 70% of the work myself.

    After that my obsession grew and grew, I became so focused on cooking that nothing else mattered!
    By time I was 12 I was making everyone's supper and Sunday dinner. I would run home from school and get my whites on and start cooking.
    Must of drove my parents mad with my constant blethering about food lol.
    But they gave me all the support I needed.

    I was a kitchen porter from age 14-15 and then got into college at 16 and got promoted to became a Commis Chef at 16. I was so thrilled and excited about it all.
    I became the head chef in that restaurant on my 21st birthday.
    And I now own that restaurant.

    If any of you have the passion for cooking but not the courage to go for it, let me tell you- fucking go for it- it will be the best choice you ever made!!

    I done all the remodeling myself (design) helped put it all together. Changed everything and it looks beautiful.
    Whilst the money is good, it was never about that for me and if you're only interested in becoming rich and famous then you're in the wrong career.
    Because chefing doesn't pay well until you're at the top and even then it's not great.
    It's about the food, the dining room and the overall experience.

  46. hes perfect ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. All the dishes he makes looks super pricy. A fish like that would cost $10-15 at the local grocery store.

  48. While I can’t ignore Gordon’s culinary mastery.

    It’s strikingly clear every time he’s in front of the camera, he keeps looking away,
    I think this is because of his past. His father was incredibly abusive, coming home drunk and shouting.
    Gordon can’t hold eye contact because of his past experiences.

  49. Rare to see Ramsay sit for 5min talk

  50. Also be aware of fake olive oils there is a lot of fakes

  51. i love the way he cooks. i wish i could take some classes directly from him. he is amazing. love him

  52. was waiting for a f#@!!% to pop out of that mouth

  53. I loved hey he talks about his work to some people it's food but to him it's life it is his life he loves what he does and he does what he loves alot of chefs when they talk they talk about food like it is their life and to some chefs it is I want to become like Gordon Rasmey not about his fame but the passion he has. Passion will make you crazy but is there any other way to live?- Howard Huges

  54. only….. the thought someday I'll be like him keeps me ALIVE….

  55. I love Gordon Ramsey He is Why i wanna become a chef and i hope i Can work with him in the future

  56. that food looks good

  57. Geografy and history is important not just for teaching

  58. This man is such a treasure.


  60. W

  61. His dream: finding the LAMB SAAAUUUCEE!!!!

  62. Gordon Ramsay's 'teaspoon' of oil certainly looks a lot like my 1/4 cup of oil measured with a proper measuring cup

  63. You can walk away from this video with this: Put your head down for a while, find your calling in life and work hard for it. Once upon a time Gordon Ramsay had his struggles with money and trying to survive in the world. As time passed, with perseverance and stellar work ethic, he grew into an incredibly wealthy and successful man. Yet he never stopped once he reached a point when he was financially stable. If you stop trying once you 'get there' then you will fall back. He never stopped. As a result, he is famous, owns like three properties I think, has a beautiful family and is incredibly inspiring. Life will throw things at you, but it's up to you to dust yourself off and get back up. It's just apart of life. It's amazing how so much work and dedication and passion can carry an individual across their finish line. Once you complete one goal, set another. And another. And another.

  64. Yum

  65. You can almost see him buzzing with energy.

  66. He is right.

  67. Seeing how passionate Gordon really is about food makes me understand why he gets so mad in kitchen nightmares.

  68. what does this have to do with Specialized Bicycles

  69. Damn, that’s a beautiful story

  70. You are what you eat
    eatting ramen noodles

  71. Gordon’s father was an alcoholic and his brother is a heroin addict. He saw what he could’ve become but decided to go the other way.

    Thank you Gordon!!


  73. Legend.

  74. Love you, Gordon! The perfect man, chef, father, tv guy!

  75. I hope the Dumb Roman noodle 🖕comments don’t get on this comment section

  76. How cool is it to say that you've mastered 97% of food and recipes in the world. He can pretty much cook anything

  77. Wow 😳😯such a blue eyes 👀 👍🏻

  78. I've always liked to cook but I'd never become a chef, but something resonated with me when he said cooking is a life skill. Man has an amazing mind

  79. Goat

  80. What Gordon Ramsay is to culinary art is what Beethoven is to classical music.

  81. I totally love this guy. Respect – One of the worlds outstanding individuals. He’s also one of the funniest dudes ever- He should be in parliament with his quick jibes

  82. I love his passion.

  83. What bike does he have!!!???

  84. Don't forget that it's important to season the salt pepper

  85. When I was younger I hated how mean he was. Now I just love his personality. He's one person in the kitchen and another at home. It's crazy how far he's come!

  86. Mans like you gordon,, are simple inspiration for the human being.. thank you..

  87. Cocaine?


  89. Ramsay is always in his Super Saiyan form, that’s why he’s so angry half the time.

  90. top chef in the world and the most successful,, u know y ? cause he made it from zero broke to multi millionaire 11 michlen stars ,,

  91. I think one excels by which one has a passion and love for. If you don’t have either, find it because you might as well be passionate about and enjoy your occupation. Think about it … we are away from our homes for a longer period of the day than we are in it. Make your home your sanctuary … a place of refuge from the outside world and stresses.

  92. this channel is fkn hacked

  93. isnt that raw, or thats the way u eat this thing

  94. When life gives Ramsay lemons, he squeezes out all the juice 🍋🍋

  95. Gordon is so talented I would love to meet Gordon cook with him.

  96. Nice guy and loves his trade.
    Did not get this far without hard work, very proud Family Man.

  97. RAWWWW…..

  98. 5 minutes with no swearing with Gordon James Ramsay

  99. He really fucked over Marco Pierre White, which made me lose all my respect for him.

  100. love you chief i wish you live forever

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