4 Fruit Popsicles/Ice-Cream Recipes | #Summers #Kids #FrozenTreats #Homemade #CookWithNisha

your mouth starts watering seeing these popsicle candies in summers kids first choice is ice cream so today I’ll make these ice creams with natural flavours without sugar and these are healthy too so hit 50,000 LIKES for these colourful fruit popsicles also SUBSCRIBE to my channel so lets get started with the video now for this Mango Strawberry Popsicle we need sliced Mango and strawberries and grind these in a mixer pour these mango & strawberry pulp in ice cream moulds you can also use ice cube tray or disposal instead of ice cream moulds freeze it for 3 to 4 hours for this we need put layer of these pulps one by one freeze it my daughter likes this Rainbow ice cream for this first we prepare Lemonade now put chopped seasonal fruits in these moulds try to use all types of colourful fruits then pour lemonade over it cover it and freeze this is my favourite one this mango popsicle is too easy just take mango pulp put this too in ice cream mould cover and freeze it for 3 to 4 hours I’m telling you three specialities about these ice creams first is these are 100% natural second these are made without using sugar or any other additives and third one is you’ll get all flavoured so must try out these fruit popsicles at home


  1. Rainbow is most favourite

  2. So yummy

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  9. Hello mam isme sugar add karna zaroori nhi hai kya?

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  13. Mango is my favrite fruit

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  31. My daughter like mango

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