30 Foods You’ve Been Storing All Wrong

40% – that’s how much of the food you
buy ends up getting tossed right in the garbage. 40%! The culprit: improper storage. Let’s see what conditions best protect some
common products in the kitchen, and save you some money! And if you have some examples of your own,
leave them down below! 1. Tomatoes
Farmers will tell you that tomatoes get even more flavorful and fragrant if you keep them
at room temperature (about 70°F) or above. If you put them in the fridge, they lose their
best qualities, and the taste changes. It’s much better to buy small portions of
fresh tomatoes you can eat within a day. If you’ve grown them yourself, keep them
on the low shelf of the fridge. Also, ripe tomatoes make other fruits and
veggies ripen faster or spoil if they’re ripe already. If you don’t want black bananas or rotten
cherries, store the products separately. 2-3. Onion and garlic
These vegetables prefer warmer temperatures. They’re also afraid of light and won’t
like being kept in a sunlit kitchen. You’d better put them in a cool dark pantry
or cellar. They also shouldn’t be kept in the fridge. Cold and condensation can rot them. 4. Potatoes
French fries, or any fried potatoes for that matter, contain a substance that can become
toxic when kept in low temperatures. So don’t keep fries in the fridge! As for raw potatoes, they like a dark, dry,
and spacious place. Potatoes put off carbon dioxide, so if you
keep them in a spot with poor ventilation, they’ll start to wrinkle. 5. Mushrooms
If you’re going to cook them later, just put mushrooms in a paper bag and keep them
in the fridge. If you need to store them longer, first wash
them, and then dry or freeze them. It’s not good to store fresh mushrooms in
the fridge longer than 1 day, especially if you’ve picked them yourself. They’ll rot or become grubby. 6. Fresh greens and herbs
A lot of people put greens in a jar of water like you would a bouquet of flowers. Sounds like a useful tip, but this is actually
a bad idea. Fresh herbs will last longer if you put them
in a paper bag and store it in the fridge. The paper will absorb extra moisture and won’t
let the greens wilt. 7-8. Chilled poultry and meat
It’s better to buy them right before cooking. If they won’t be your dinner tonight, then
freeze meat and poultry immediately. If you need to store them in the fridge, first
wrap them in 2-3 layers of plastic film and put them on the lowest shelf. Don’t forget that meat is a possible source
of different infectious bacteria. It can be stored in the fridge no longer than
2 days, while it’s ok to keep it in the freezer for 4-5 months. 9-10. Bananas and other tropical fruit
If you remember how they’re grown, you’ll understand that the cold of the fridge won’t
do tropical fruits any good. To slow the ripening process down and keep
the skin from darkening, put each fruit in a separate paper bag or wrap it in plastic
film. Then keep them it in a cool dark place. 11. Honey
Honey should be stored in a glass, ceramic, or metal container. The ideal place is dark and dry, so a shelf
will do just fine as long as the cabinet has a door. If you keep honey where sunlight can reach
it, it’ll lose its antibacterial properties. Honey can absorb fragrances, so it should
be stored away from garlic, onion, and other infamously odorous products. If you make your own honey, don’t use an
old pickle jar for the same reason. 12. Eggs
Contrary to what refrigerator manufacturers seem to think, it’s not a good idea to store
eggs in the fridge door. Each time you open it, the eggs get exposed
to lower temperatures in the air. That constant change makes them spoil faster. Keep them in the carton, and store them on
the upper shelves further back in the fridge. The carton prevents them from absorbing odors
through their shells, and the back of the fridge won’t be as vulnerable to temperature
fluctuations. 13-15. Milk, yogurt, and hard cheese
Milk and yogurt also shouldn’t be kept in the fridge door – they spoil there faster
than anywhere else. The best place for their storage is the middle
shelf. The less milk or yogurt is left in the package,
the farther to the back wall of the fridge it should be since it’s colder there. As for your cheese, wrap it in plastic film
or foil to prevent mold from growing. This will also keep the product from drying
out. 16-17. Grapes and berries
The best place for grapes is a ventilated plastic bag like the one they’re kept and
sold in at the store. The same is true of other berries. But before you put them in the plastic bag
or fridge, be sure to dry them off with a paper towel. Getting rid of that moisture will prevent
fermentation and rot. If you want to save cherries, don’t remove
and throw away the stems. Otherwise, the berries will start leaking
juice and spoil sooner. 18. Apples
Apples shouldn’t be refrigerated. They’re also pretty finicky, so keep different
kinds of apples separate from each other and put them in the pantry or cellar. They’ll stay fresh through fall and winter
if you put them in boxes full of wood shavings or onion skins. They’ll absorb moisture, so the fruit won’t
rot. If you’ve started eating an apple but want
to finish it later, dab the rest of the fruit with a few drops of lemon juice and put it
in the fridge. It won’t get dark or spoil. 19. Vegetable oil
Don’t store it in the fridge – that’ll ruin its taste. Oils should be kept in a dark place at room
temperature. If you can’t find a dark place in your kitchen,
wrap it in foil. 20. Carrots
Young carrots can be kept in a dark cool place where they’ll stay fresh and crisp for a
long time. You can even store them like that for the
whole winter! It’s a bad idea to store carrots in the
fridge, especially close to tomatoes or other fruit, because they’ll get bitter. 21-22. Grains and flour
The first thing you need to do after picking up some flour or oats is to take them out
of the packaging they’re sold in. Transfer them to a glass or ceramic container
with a tight lid to keep bugs out and prolong their freshness. You can put them in the fridge or another
cool dry place. Rice can be kept in such conditions for years,
buckwheat – for 3 years, and oats – for about 6 months. 23. Watermelon
Watermelon (and regular melon) will keep better if you store it at room temperature. Not to mention, it’s better for you that
way too. When stored in the fridge, melons lose the
antioxidants that are found in them naturally. If you want to serve them cold, just put them
in the fridge for 15 minutes. 24. Bread
Bread should be stored in a plastic ventilated bag, a cloth, or a paper bag, where it can
stay soft for 5 days. If you’ve bought a lot of bread and need
to leave for a couple days, you can put it in the fridge. Low temperatures save it from mold, and it’ll
stay fresh and tasty. 25. Pet food
Yes, pet food can go bad, and it should be thrown away when it does. So, let’s try to prevent that waste by storing
it properly. Keep dog or cat kibble in a closed container
in a cool dry place. If you’ve opened canned food, keep it in
the fridge and use it within 2 days. 26-27. Coffee and tea
Store tea and coffee in a dark dry place in a nontransparent container. Keep them away from food with a strong odor. Avoid damp and sunlit places, and don’t
store tea and coffee close to sources of warmth such as a microwave or oven. 28. Sugar
The main enemy of sugar is humidity – dampness will cause clumps to appear. That’s why it’s important to store sugar,
both white and brown, in an airtight container in a dry place. Sugar absorbs odors, so make sure the container
you store it in doesn’t smell of anything. 29. Chocolate
Chocolate should be stored at room temperature in a dry place that’s exposed to sunlight
because, well, obviously. If you put it in the fridge, a white film
will appear on it. No worries, though – that’s just cacao
butter. 30. Leftovers
It’s a big mistake to make soup or hamburgers for a whole week unless you’re going to
freeze them. The longest time leftovers can be stored in
the fridge is 5 days. But it’s not a universal rule. If there’s mayo in a meal, it should be
eaten in 2 days max. Meals containing milk, eggs and yogurt can’t
be eaten after the expiration date of any of these ingredients. It also works only if you’ve put the meals
in the fridge no later than 2 hours after cooking. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
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on the Bright Side of life!


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