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Told this from long days No one brought the Chana so today I took it by myself Nisha, here are the Chana you’ve asked for Nisha, these are the Chana you’ve asked for lot of Chanas seems like have to eat the Chana daal for the whole month No my dear… We’ll make tasty & different yummy snacks from these Chana Yummy Snacks..but how’s that?? As Mumma has Fun Foods by Dr. Oetker’s Original veg Mayonnaise which makes these snacks yummy and tasty if you too wanna to know about these recipes… then hit LIKE and get this video to 50,000 Likes and also do Subscribe to my channel “CookWithNisha” so lets get started heat oil in a pan once heated then add cumin seeds… roast it till onion turns slightly pink then add tomatoes for slight sour taste now add salt & red chilli powder mix well now will add Fun Foods Mayonnaise mix well stuffing is ready now take Roti or Paratha put one more layer of this Mayonnaise this mayonnaise is so creamy and light which will make our recipe tasty after this put a layer of stuffing and then make fold like this and here our Chana Wrap Recipe is ready You made his favourite Chana Wrap what about me.. wait I’ll make for you too.. Husband’s demand is fulfilled now fulfil my daughter’s demand mash boiled potato now add grind Chana and then add in spices add mix well now add Chik pea flour(Besan) as a binding agent put oil on you palm and make small tikki like this you can keep tikki’s shape as per your choice heat oil in a pan once heated Fry the tikki we only shallow fry them it turns crispy on medium flame in about 5 mins then flip them and roast on other side as well our tikki filled with mineral, vitamin & fibre is ready this is for you will you only fulfil the demands of your husband and daughter or will you listen to this old lady too cut the corner from bread slices spread a layer of this fun foods mayonnaise once done keep chana tikki over it tomato slices & then cover with another bread Melt butter in a pan roast this bread sandwich from both the sides My family is enjoying these Snacks so you too must try these snacks with fun foods by Dr. Oetker veg mayonnaise


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