$250 vs $25 Pasta Bolognese: Pro Chef & Home Cook Swap Ingredients | Epicurious


  1. Please do more videos with Frank. 🙂

  2. Bo log kneee ay zay

  3. When you actually don't want his nut in your mouth but he does it anyway 20:00

  4. Why do they call it bolognese? There is nothing more disparaging to see so called chef just making a mess of Italian cooking. What a disgrace! Call it what you like it, it can be good or not but it doesn`t really matter: these are not pasta alla bolognese

  5. John: "I wanna keep this family friendly"
    Also John: Moaning

  6. 25€ for a Bolognese is still super expensive in my book

  7. The expensive one looks millions of times better.

  8. His eyebrows look unreal

  9. Aveste fatto almeno una cosa giusta

  10. Voice so annoying ughhhh

  11. Shoutout to that guy who referenced frank in a pokimane video.

  12. We need more of John!!! Give him his own show ❤️

  13. Hold on

    So Frank is offering his expensive ingredients to John who used to be a level 1 chef

    But now John says he's a home cook

    Does this mean he's now in level 2 territory?!

  14. Can we see Frank do magic with his expensive ingredients? 🤣

  15. "One thing home cooks don't do…" B****, I have a tasting spoon at the ready for everything.

    I get it though. I know many people who don't taste until it's too late.

  16. John making the dough hurts.

  17. Who is this John dude?

  18. two questions:
    1. where is the oregano?
    2. why do you need garlic bread? is there somebody actually caring for that (in context of bolognese)?

  19. my bolognese is like, less than 5 dollars for 1 meal… how the hell do you make it 250 dollars? lol

  20. Womanly behavior?

  21. These two r so great toghther

  22. Bolo ganesh

  23. When frank makes food it makes me hungry when I’m eating food

  24. Why no garlic in the garlic knots?

  25. frank is just such a nice person aahhaah

  26. bring back the guy who cures cancer with his laugh

  27. Cos'è sta merda cazzo

  28. That guy becomes straight when he tries the food lol

  29. Frank is a very kind individual, he seems very other oriented in why he cooks.

  30. I love this series!

  31. Where’s lorenzo

  32. What the porco dio is this? Bolognese? Is this a thing? If they mean "pasta al ragù, alla bolognese" ok, but those are still not the right ingredients! And what, in the name of madonna puttana, are "garlic knots"?

    angry and blasphemous noises in italian

  33. Can they please stop pronouncing bolegnase

  34. Where is Lorenzo?


  36. Gays are too gay u kno

  37. More video's like this please!

  38. Is her real name rosemary ? If yes then wow ! A food scientist name is rosemary
    This is what might've happened
    Rosemary : born
    Mother : oof im carving loads of food with rosemary on top
    Father : *sobbing*. My daughter will do something Great when she grows up
    Mother : I WANT ROSEMARY!!
    Father : here take your child , u only want rosemary
    Mother and father look at each other . *Rosemary * ( in union )

  39. tutto questo è un'offesa al popolo italiano

  40. Ok hear me out make this happen again but have Beth go up against Frank

  41. 15:09

  42. A gay dude can't handle meat? ok….

  43. Qualche romagnolo che sta guardando questa cacata

  44. Is Frank Better than Gordon Ramsay 😳

  45. John is dum

  46. Sono di Bologna non esiste la pasta alla bolognese

  47. The way they say bolognese 🤣🤣🤣

  48. They should make more vids like this

  49. Get rid of John bring back Lorenzo

  50. Pasta bologanesh

  51. Emily x Frank episode when?

  52. Had traditional pasta in meat sauce (Ragu)@ Trattoria Mario in Florence…. Bolognese has too much tomato in it

  53. you couldn't ask for anyone more overtly gay

  54. I love this!! Very helpful!!

  55. 20:27 SPIDERMAN

  56. Italian triggered

  57. Where's Lorenzo?

  58. John forgot to shred the meat off the short ribs before putting in to the pot.
    Rather he shredded it in the pot.

  59. Damn I thought it was pronounced BALL – LOG – KNEES

  60. This was boring without Lorenzo

  61. cute

  62. maybe it's different in the US but, the sauce is meant to be ontop of the pasta, not throughout it

  63. I. Love. Frank! 🥰


  65. In Bologna, order a Ragu. Just FYi, it's not called "Bologese" in Bologna. Yes, that's where the pasta sauce brand gets it's name. (Also, ragouts like Ratatouille.) Likewise, in Paris, "French Fries" are Pommes Frite.

  66. john looks like toby in harry potter

  67. Frank is probably the only pro chef who doesn't stare right into my soul👀

  68. You call a 25 dollar self-made Bolognese cheap? 😀

  69. when he facetimed the level 4 chef….all these universes are colliding and i'm very confused

  70. £25? Can do it in £5, the last £20 for drinks

  71. I love this segment 😍

  72. Yeah these two people get spawned

  73. I thought John was level 1

  74. Un bolognese sta morendo in questo momento

  75. 17:08 deez nuts

  76. Hummingbird Tree Leaves Recipe

  77. John is radiating James Charles energy

  78. Why they call it bolognese and not ragù?

  79. Fake, pasta bolognese doesn't exist.
    (I'm from Bologna)

  80. This offends me how are you gonna add carrots

  81. First time i drank alcohol 7:36

  82. This john is so anoying ugh

  83. merda

  84. Since when home cooks don't taste? That's an out of touch comment.

  85. “I can usually handle a lot of meat” 🤣 worse part is he probably not lying lmfaooooo

  86. Pasta bologanesh

  87. Is there a video with only the frank parts? The others parts are freaking annoying 😑

  88. Everyone has to love frank

  89. AHHH! I cant wait, my dad and I love watching these, Im gonna wait until he gets home to watch this with him again ^-^

  90. Eating bolognese whilst watching.

  91. So they upgraded john to a home cook…
    I see

  92. Italian here. Both so far from what ragù alla bolognese actually is, but we appreciate your effort.

  93. pasta bolognese exist only outside of italy

  94. 7:53 wimp. Didn’t try the chilli flakes!

  95. Not a fan of the fruit.


  97. Frank quote of 2020 'I dripped a little' 17

  98. Tosh pasta

  99. That's why John is my favorite. His meat handling skills 😂😂😂

  100. There’s no onions in a traditional bolognese

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