$237 Wendy’s Baconator Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD


  1. Why are Rhett and link not in this anymore

  2. Davins enthusiam is literally the best thing ever ??

  3. forget fancifying, how bout over complicating?

  4. Josh has never been more beautiful than when he looked at the camera at the end with a whole mess of that gorgeous burger smeared all over his face. That sight is a whole damn meal.

  5. Duck bacon is the best, I think I might like it better than regular bacon.

  6. Best duo since Rhett and Link

  7. can someone explain how they have American wagyu when wagyu is from Japan?

  8. Davin is all of us

  9. Wendy’s really respects your opinions on the baconator

  10. As a Wendy’s manager, I approve this video

  11. Does anyone else use some of Josh’s techniques or cooking style when they cook too? Or am I the only one? ?

  12. The. Freaking. Mythical. Team. Each and every one of them are so precious. ❤️

  13. Davin needs to be in every one of these vids! He and Josh really work well together haha

  14. This is bisexual culture.

  15. i love josh and davin's energy together!! what a fun ep! 😀

  16. Panera Bread – Broccoli Chedder Soup Bread Bowl

  17. U guys will never beat Wendy's baconator

  18. Rhett and Link, I love you guys. Sometimes though, I like these Josh episodes better. Sorry!

  19. Love Davin in this, their vibe is so complimentary to each other!

  20. Josh: "Eye-lay"
    Me: "oh no…"

  21. Easily the best fancy fast food episode ever.

  22. Disgusting stop josh. Just stop this is not entertaining. Watching you eat makes me wanna throw up

  23. Duck bacon is totally a thing. The Mad Hatter restaurant in Rochester, NY has it

  24. 5:44–5:50 …

  25. islay is pronounced "eye-luh" but who cares…ME, Josh.

  26. Damn my man Josh back at it again making great food and looking ?fire? in that cooking suit of his??

  27. I wish josh owned a restaurant with all of these creations ?

  28. dude really just had a orgasm lmao

  29. I also fricken drooled ??

  30. BBQ western bacon burger from carls Jr. Would be amazing next!

  31. Josh, you make a joke about I'm getting a yeast infection from eating the yeast, but Men actually can get a yeast infection it's more similar to a blood infection.

  32. I want to see “canned thanksgiving dinner” ?

  33. Davin is just the purist one on the whole team so innocent

  34. Interesting ???

  35. Ummm… if anyone is an OG GMM fan – I'm pretty sure they had duck bacon in the tasting episodes a few years ago.

  36. Having worked at Wendy's the amount of ketchup vs. Mayonnaise that you use plus the smokiness of the bacon and direct contact gives it that barbecue flavor I'm sure your sandwich is amazing and when I can afford you you might have to cook one of these for me but there is no mayonnaise on the bottom bun

  37. Who is this? Where Rhett and Link at

  38. Josh…. never disappoints.

  39. wish i could smell that bacon cookin !!!!!

  40. This is some wholesome content right here, love it!

  41. first …American WAGYU? It cant' be Wagyu without coming from that region of JAPAN.
    Beef bacon? NO< bacon=pork only
    and duck? wtf

  42. Are they dating?

  43. Somebody call in arin from game grumps

  44. Josh are you single ?

  45. The boomer burger

  46. 17:35 I WANT TO BE THERE! Lol

  47. Yum! See you guys in the hospital! ?

  48. Every single vegan has left the chat


  50. Eddie is nice

  51. Still my most fav show

  52. davin makes me go ?

  53. How can you spruce up a casserole?

  54. Step 1: use only best ingredients available
    Step 2: Make EVERYTHING your self
    Step 3: Put a ton of Mayonnaise on everything ?

  55. Dont be modest
    This is the best cooking show on the face of the earth

  56. Damn I want one???

  57. Glad to know that someone else watches Friday Night Tykes

  58. should make a $400 Gyro Wrap next.

  59. Omg ? I want

  60. Who are these guys wheres Rhett and link

  61. Josh is SO knowledgeable and makes such a great confident host like damn I would watch him Ted Talk about water boiling tbh

  62. Anyone getting the Edward Nygma or the riddler vibes from Gotham???

  63. Here's a comment for the algorithm.

  64. Bone marrow = Minecraft

  65. Did I just watch a whole video of two dudes flirting with each other?

  66. With the scotch part it taking liking to epic meal time

  67. I'd rather just spend $4 at Wendy's. .

  68. The low point of this video was the cross contamination with the cooked duck bacon was set where the pork uncooked bacon was sitting.

  69. Definitely need more Daven on this show! He fits so well!

  70. Wendy's beef if more pink

  71. Expensive little Cesar's pepperoni pizza

  72. Did your buddy just feed you a fry?

  73. Josh looks like a younger version of my friend who passed away in July so watching him is weirdly comforting

  74. damns that look good

  75. Davin and Josh's chemistry is so awesome! Also Davin is so cute!

  76. Ok seriously though we need another Josh chase bromance episode.

  77. Does Ardbeg 10 really cost over $80 in LA? I can't imagine paying more than $50

  78. YouTube has now devolved to rich people doing normal human things

  79. I think this is the first episode with the price not inflated by overly expensive alcohol

  80. Davin and Josh are a great duo.

  81. So my major issue is this is supposed to be rhett and link in the fancy fast food… Why is the other guy here

  82. You know what? I think Josh should have his own youtube channel

  83. Now you probably have a yeast infection… ?

  84. You need to get a collection of these things together for the Good Mythical Restaurant.

  85. I want a fancy little caesars deep deep dish pizza. It’s what the mythical beasts deserve.

  86. I feel like Josh is a food prophet, trying to lead us to the promise land.

  87. This is great we need more of this

  88. Daven just says yes to anything hahaha

  89. No one needs their own show more than this guy and restaurant's.

  90. I’m early

  91. This episode was amazing

  92. Make davins day again and fancify olive gardens chicken Alfredo

  93. Baconator is nasty

  94. That girl taking the orders at Wendy's what a wonderful girl

  95. Whoop whoop!


  97. Davin and Josh together is always what I need

  98. This was so awkward

  99. lol using pig masks to become Professor Pyg from Gotham

  100. That’s it, if i don’t get more Davin x Josh content, I will cause a scene.

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