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– So we are going to add four. (man laughing) – [Man] We’re gonna add four burps. – Today on the Edgy Veg I’m going to show you how to make two easy vegan dinners. Thank you so much to Walmart and Interact for teaming up with me and sponsoring this video. (upbeat music) The two easy vegan dinners I’m going to show you how to make are going to be made in an Instantpot. Apparently this was the hottest valued
Christmas item this year. I love it, it’s so fun and easy to use. And I love gadgets so this was the perfect Christmas gift for me. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in and then set it and forget it, walk away, come back and you have a delicious dinner waiting for you plus it helps smell up your apartment with the sweet aroma of dinner waiting at the table. Well it won’t put your dinner at the table for you, you have to do that but you know what I’m saying. The two dinners I’m gonna show you how to make are an Indian Dahl as well as a Korean mushroom Bulgogi with lettuce wraps. Our main New Years Resolution is to get our budget in order. Last year James and I realized we spent way too much money for things whether it was stuff we didn’t need or we just paid too much for simple household items. James and I have committed to be more prepared with simple healthy meals that we meal
prep and make at home. That way we don’t default to ordering in expensive vegan take out or going to the corner store to buy expensive groceries. The easy way to do that. Meal prepping and buying your groceries at Walmart. Meal prepping is an easy way to ensure that you have quick, easy, delicious, nutritious meals at home. Plus with all that time you save you can do the things you love like binge watch your favorite show. Right now I’m watching Upstairs Amy on YouTube you should totally check it out. It’s so funny, I’m completely obsessed with it and I know you’ll like it too. We bought all of our groceries at Walmart because thy have awesome vegan produce and grocery items for great prices so we can stay on budget. Plus, paying with Interact debit which is convenient. We use our own money which means there’s no bill and we stay on budget. Then we can take all the money we save and we can buy a house or have that honeymoon
that we haven’t had yet. Or start a college for those kids we don’t have yet. Or for our dogs. We can buy nice things for our dogs let’s be serious that’s how I’m going to
spend the money that I saved. Alright guys, let’s get cooking. The first recipe is my take on an Indian Dahl. Take out your Instantpot. Plug it in, dah. Set the setting to saute
and let that heat up. And we are going to heat up two tablespoons of coconut oil in that bad boy. Now we are going to add one chopped onion and saute that for about five minutes or until translucent. The key to really delicious Indian food is the aroma and fragrance of the spices. So you want to add four cloves of garlic, one tablespoon of minced ginger. One teaspoon of cumin,
one teaspoon of tumeric. One tablespoon curry powder. I used hot but you can use whatever curry powder you like to use. One teaspoon Garam Masala and a quarter teaspoon of mustard seeds or mustard powder. We’re gonna cook that for another minute until you can really smell the spices. And then we are going to hit
cancel on our Instantpot. Cancel. – [Man] Cancel this whole recipe! – This show is canceled. For the lentils, you can either use canned brown or red lentils or you
can use dried as well. If you are using dried, do one and a half cups of dried lentils. If you are using canned, you will want to use two
cups of lentils from a can. And then add two chopped tomatoes and about half a teaspoon of salt. Add half a cup of water. Stir that all up and then put the lid on your Instantpot, seal it all up and close the valve. The hit pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Don’t put your face or your fingers or anything else near the valve where the pressure comes out. I learned this the hard way, I burnt myself. Don’t do it. After 10 minutes your Instantpot is going to make like a beep beep sound. You’re going to let that sit there for another 10 minutes. This will kind of naturally help release some of the pressure. And after 10 minutes, then you want to open your valve. But like, I’m telling you, stand back. Now just give your Dahl a quick stir and add in a quarter
cup of chopped cilantro and then you can serve it over rice or with
some yummy garlic Nan. Or some regular Nan if
you don’t like garlic, but who doesn’t like garlic. Eat a garlic Nan. And that’s your easy Vegan Indian Dahl. Alright, let’s give this Dahl a try. We order so much Indian food in our house. This is so much cheaper and easier to make. It actually takes us
as long to make this as it does to order the food and wait for it to be delivered. Dinner number two is my take on Korean barbecue or Bulgogi. Bulgogi, or bulgogi, if anyone is Korean or knows about Korean food leave me a comment in the comment section below telling me if I’m doing a good job speaking Korean. So we’re going to make
Bulgogi mushroom lettuce wraps because I love to eat with my hand. It makes less dishes, so. In my Instantpot, I’m going to add minced garlic minced ginger, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame seed oil maple syrup and chili sauce. You can use whatever chili sauce you have at home or whatever hot sauce you have if you don’t
have chili specific sauce. Any hot sauce will do. Then I’m going to add a quarter cup of water and mix that all together. Then I’m going to add one pound of mushrooms. Now I use a combination
of oyster mushrooms and portabello mushrooms because those are my favorite mushrooms but you can use any mushroom that you can get your hand on. Crimini, shitaki, whatever you want. And one sliced onion. Now just toss those mushrooms in the marinade and let that sit for about 15 minutes and the mushrooms absorb all that delicious marinade and then it leaves a little bit extra for a nice yummy sticky sauce. Now we are going to turn on our Instantpot. Put on the lid, make sure that the valve is closed. Hit pressure cook and then cook that for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, just turn the valve and release all that pressure. And again, keep your eyes and your hands and your face away from the valve. Now hit the saute button and we’re going to cook
that for about five minutes until the onions are nice and translucent. Then we’re going to add
a corn starch slurry. It’s about one tablespoon of cornstarch and two tablespoons of water mixed together and that will really help thicken up the sauce. And just mix that around for another about three minutes. Now we’re going to add four chopped green onions and a little bit of sesame seeds. It adds just a nice texture and it looks really great. Now you can remove that from the heat. I’m going to show you how to make this into a lettuce wrap today but if you don’t want to do that you can just serve this on top of some jasmine rice or brown rice whatever rice you want. And it just makes a
really quick easy meal. So I like to use butter
lettuce or romaine hearts. Just cut in half so that you have these great little boats. I like to do about three at a time because three to five is about the serving for one person. I’m going to fill each one
with a little bit of rice then our Bulgogi mushrooms and topping it with some
homemade vegan Kimchi that I made, dah. Some traditional sesame seeds if you want and then a squeeze of lime. Alright, Bulgogi time. Oh my God. It’s all my favorite flavors, you guys have to try this. This is amazing, mushrooms mimic meat so beautifully. Oh my God. I don’t think I’m gonna
share this with anyone. And there you have it. Two easy, cheap, healthy dinner ideas that are cooked up in a flash. Check out my New Years hashtag goals playlist. It’s updated every single Monday. And don’t forget to watch Upstairs Amy. It’s linked below. This week Amy tries her
hand at Vegan coking and she fails. Maybe she should watch this
show, am I right, right? Alright guys, I hope you liked those
recipes and if you did let me know by hitting the like button. That way I know to make more recipes like these. And id you are new here, hit that subscribe button so you can see my face and my food every single week. I hope you guys have an amazing week and I will see you next time. Bye. Yum. (upbeat music)

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