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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai First Day diet to start with Green Tea Note: Before Green Tea have a glass of water Instead of Coffee and Tea have this Green Tea about 6.00 AM at morning This Green helps refresh and detox your body After 45 mins. after drinking this Green Tea it is better to go for a walk or do Yoga. Consume soaked fenugreek seeds with the soaked water after finishing Yoga or walking for about 7.00 AM. For Breakfast – Ragi Dosa at 9.00 AM.
Check my channel for the preparation of Ragi Dosa The contents are onion, grated carrot, Curry leaves with little salt This chutney is made using bottle gourd, ridge gourd and Brinjal Check the preparation of this chutney in my channel 20 mins. after the breakfast, drink 1 glass hot water. It is better to consume a light juice (without Sugar) and fruit by 11.00 AM I would recommend Masala Butter Milk and a Guava fruit Guava has many health benefits in it Butter milk has calcium in it Avoid Banana Diet meal for Lunch 2 Dry Chapatis without salt Carrot Beans steamed vegetable dish Onion slices are good to reduce cholesterol Drumstick soup which has iron content It helps preventing hair loss during dieting Check my channel the preparation of Drumstick soup Curd to provide calcium First drink the soup and eat 2 chapati’s with the veg dish. 20 mins after lunch, drink hot water soaked with jeera. Evening drink Herbal Tea instead of Coffee and Tea It=Contents are pudina, cinnamon TaIt helps reducing cholestrol, BP Take some cucumber with Herbal Tea Dinner Diet Veg. Wheat Soup For protein take 1 cooked Egg 1 Apple sliced 15 mins. after Dinner drink Hot water Plain water or jeera water It helps in better digestion and weight loss


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  5. I need the 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th day diet chart pls.very interesting diet

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  10. Mam pls post zero oil recipes for diet

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  13. Should not drink green tea on empty stomach

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  21. Supera solreenga nan kandeepa follow seiren bcz nan over weight
    But only veg mattum edukiren irundalum weight konjamathan less aguthu ..adavadhu two monthly 3.6 kg less
    Enaku thyroid problems iruku
    So unga deita follow pannalama

  22. Breastfeding mom can follow this mentod

  23. mam ten days follow panna weight kandipa kurayuma

  24. green tea brand name pls

  25. green tea brand sollungale mam

  26. where is 2nd day diet?

  27. thanku aunty !!

  28. Why i need to avoid banana

  29. Madam…. Sooooper… Naa ungala romba naala follow pndren mam…. Support my channel also mam… Sub back n share ur support

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  31. Does it work

  32. nice diet mam after ten days what to do Pls send the details mam I am so fat requesting mam

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  34. Emty stomach green tea is not good man . Acidity will come if we take green tea in morning emty stomach

  35. How much we Wil loose after 10 days. I searched for intro video I didn't get.. Plz tel me.. I'm on 2nd day now.. Need to decide

  36. mam pls give wait gain deit

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  42. Mam i am going to start this diet mam but one doubt mam if i went to an occasion how can i balance diet if i add rice any problem for reduce weight

  43. hai gowri akka..I am following your diet plan for nearly 8 months akka..each month I lost nearly 2 to 3 kg .now I lost nearly 16 kg akka..i look completely different .happy to share.still I am following your diet plan ..God bless you abundantly

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  45. I am 59 kg now how I reduce pls any tips give me

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  47. Hi mam am expecting baby can I do it

  48. Rice avoid pananuma mam

  49. wht soup mam

  50. hi mam ….i am big fan of u….oru doubt…pregranancy treatment poitu iruka….na intha diet follow pannalama….plz tell me…waiting for ur reply

  51. green tea empty stomach la yaduthuka kudathu

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  53. Thanks for tips Akka this is very important and lemon I am a I am going 8th standard to 9th standard study I am slim but my mummy thank you

  54. Will continue the same plan for daily?

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  56. Tomorrow I will start the diet…..let see …..

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  58. morning green tea evening herbal tea kandipa kudikanum aa athuku pathil vera enna kudikalam aprom ragi mavu na kepai mava

  59. ennoda age 15 ennaku annoda age katha weight illa . ennoda weight 74 so easily I want to loss the weight please any simple dish are any drinks please upload the vedieo in Tamil

  60. What can we drink instead of masala curd and murunga keerai

  61. Super sister

  62. thank u akka…daily etha try pannalama..illa one day mattum than intha diet plan try pannanuma

  63. Mam now I've started to follow ur diet plan but i have a doubt……will weight loss be a late process for hypothyroid patients than normal ones………

  64. Oomam milk la Art panni evening time kudikalama Entha time la

  65. Mam….after 10th day's diet if we eat rice will weight increase?

  66. what about 2nd day plan.
    .please post it

  67. hello madam put weightloss die tip for one moth food

  68. 10 day diet plan la evlo weight loss agum amma

  69. banana sapdalama

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  71. Plz tell me the veg diet plan for college students

  72. Hello mam enku 4 month la abortion ayidichi so knjm weight podutan Na entha diet uh use panalama now am not pregnant

  73. Mam 10days finish pannitu again 1st day menu va continue pannanuma evlow naal epdi pannanum konjom clear ah sollunga

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  76. Tanks for your tips

  77. Hi mam..winter timela curd epdi use panrathu,athuku alternate sollunga mam

  78. One day ku than solirukinga,. Other ?

  79. Mam wheat flour use panna wheight reduce aagumaa plz rply me

  80. Sema Menu ivlo nal miss panitan… Great sis…

  81. Mam husband overweight… So na intha 20 days diet plan kudukalanu iruken…. Enakum OK tha… But paiyan s years 9 months tha… Avanukum kudukalama…. Yena avan romba oliya tha irukan.. Weight 11.5 tha

  82. sis na clg poitu eruka epadi etha na follow pandrathu konja soluga mrng 6:30 poiruva epadii na ethala follow panna mudiyum

  83. Mam same food follow for 10days?

  84. Hi akka belly fat loss aguma

  85. Super mam.. Useful diet plan. Innum. neraya videos podunga.

  86. Ethu peru Diet ta

  87. Mam evening time 5 ku la snacks korikanum nu thonuthu…. Ethachi healthy snacks solunga mam
    Aval vechi

  88. Bore adikidhu vegama sollunga

  89. Madam வெந்தயம் சாப்பிட்ட குளிச்சியாகுமா

  90. Coffee Mari hot water 😁😁😁

  91. Rice complete ah avoid pannanuma

  92. Mam except herbal tea green tea kudikkalama

  93. சகோதரி
    இந்த டயட் பாலே பன்றப்ப ஜிம் கன்டினீவ்சா போகலாமா ???

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  97. Awesome Tips mam , Mention Timing in Display for food menu it will usefull for everyone mam

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  100. Tomorrow onwards gng to follow this diet plan

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