#15 th August -Independence Day Special~ Tri colour Halwa Dessert #Reshmikitchenfoodnfun

15th August -Independence Day Special~ Tri colour Halwa Dessert Happy Independence Day. Special tribute to all gr8 freedom fighters, brave Indian Army, and all my beloved Indian friends. 3 types (coloured) of halwa 3 serving glasses 3 Indian flags (which are easily available @ any local book store or gift center) Few spoons Here don’t use any artificial food colours. For green colour # Green peas Halwa ~
First parboiled green peas with 1 pinch baking soda and then mash in a blender. After that fry for 10 minutes in ghee, then cook with milk & sugar till it is thick. For white colour# Seviyan / Sewai Halwa ~
First golden fry sewai in ghee then add cashew nuts & raisins and fry again. Then boil with milk and sugar , add green cardamom powder & cook till it is thick. For Orange colour # Carrot Halwa~
Fry 2 large grated carrots in ghee. Then add cashew nuts & raisins and fry till golden brown colour. Then boil in milk , add green cardamom powder and cook till it is thick. Finally take a glass and assemble 3 coloured Halwa just like our Indian flag. First green peas Halwa then sewai halwa, and then add carrots halwa. Garnish with mini Indian flags. Serve it cool. please like / share / comment & subscribe my channel.


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  3. very ymiii dish dear

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  5. This looks tempting)) best for independence day:))

  6. Delicious and Happy Independence day …

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  12. Mouth watering recipe

  13. happy independence day di…..thumbnail ta dekhe khub bhalo laglo tai dhuke porlam….osadharon…mone hochhilo…erakam choltei thakuk…..darun….

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