까니짱의 1일 먹방|점심은 짬뽕과 탕수육, 간식은 군고구마 저녁은 김치볶음밥에 순두부 찌개

Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~(^^*) Today I am gonna eat jjambbong and tangsuyuk. I ordered. It takes about 30 minutes. Hurry up here please~(^^*) Thank you~ I will eat well~:) Hello~ Everyone~(^^*) This is new mukbang concept of mine. (^^*) My viewers seems to wonder what I usually eat. So I made mukbang with what I had eaten for 1 day. So this is 1 day mukbang. (^^*) Please leave your comment how you think of this. Have a good day~(^^*) Today’s snack is sweet potato and mandarine.
Let’s enjoy~(^^*) My friends~ I am full now (^^*) Today was gone again. (^^*) Tomorrow I will make nice food
with the leftover of tangsuyuk. Please check it out later~ It was a good meal today~
See you again (^^*)



  2. Your glass so cute

  3. กินมันหวานกับกิมจิไม่ใช่และ

  4. others : why the subtitles so short,we want about the food subtitles

    Me : poor translator

  5. なんか……食べ方汚くなった……?

  6. Senang lihat cara makannya sungguh menikmati hidangan nice…👍👍👍

  7. 까니 staring at her food like its the love of her life

  8. the food looks so good!!! the bowls look legit though, is it like disposable or reusable? :O

  9. No problem about your studio.. I'am really like you eoni to eat anymore of food.. 😊

  10. チャパグリ食べて欲しいです!

  11. I notice Kani gained some weight. Kani-ssi, please watch your health. It's too priority, okay? ^^

  12. Can you like make a show with your husband? Haven't seen him yet.

  13. Thèm chảy nước mũi luôn mọi người ơi 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  14. Try to make a video with her husband plis hehe

  15. is that guobaru? i saw that in whats wrong with secretary kim drama

  16. Duh jadi ngiler 🤤

  17. Cie background e nyar 😆

  18. противная сyкa

  19. I like this concept a lot!

  20. you looked like youre living alone

  21. 吃東西的表情,怎麼越來越浮誇!

  22. Ga seru makanan nya gapernah terlihat abis

  23. 隣でこんなリアクションする人がいたら恥ずかし過ぎ‼️

  24. I love background❤️

  25. I miss G-Ni's heart in every comment. Seems like she'a busy now. Huhu.

  26. I like it gni, i love it😁😁

  27. Ужость, как они едят этими палками.

  28. Chi oi chi lam video ve hot dogs va do nuong di a

  29. Eenaaaaaaakkk

  30. Puedes decir en tus vídeos los ingredientes de las comidas que comes, aveces haces sopas o platos pero no se sabe de que son

  31. I like it..

  32. I always curious about this…they give that jjampong in the nice quality bowl…will they comeback and take those??

  33. Chị ơi chị làm thêm video ăn hot dogs và đồ nướng đi ạ

  34. さすがに、毎日動画だと大変💦だと思うので、10日に一回とか、スペシャルバージョンというのはいかがでしょうか?

  35. Like this new concept! keep it! <3

  36. I like this new content 😍😍😍😍love it very much. Fighting 💪💪your vedio is doing great

  37. クレヨンしんちゃんのパジャマ!

  38. So delicious😋😋😋

  39. 蟹ちゃんは朝ごはん食べないの~?

  40. Its seems that you are photocopying hamzy's style

  41. 2:44 so cute
    Hai im from Indonesian 🇮🇩
    I love G-NI

  42. 蟹ちゃんの1日モッパンいいですね!

  43. Chị thích xem em ăn lắm. Rất ngon và dễ thương nữa

  44. It sounds Like a ashole eating and shitting at the same time

  45. 탕수육 너무 좋아요 💕 진짜 맛있겠다

  46. 看起来很不错的样子😃

  47. Kau lucu jika sedang makan aku menyukai semua konsep video mu

  48. 태국에서 인스턴트라면을 원하십니까

  49. 안녕!저는 대만에서 왔어요. 저는 당신의 비디오를 정말 좋아해요. 행복한 느낌이에요.

  50. Hey please do only meat dumplings challenge love from nepal 🥰

  51. I love your new concept Kkanijjang! I am so happy that you brought the white background back ♥️♥️

  52. Aí me deu fome vendo isso kkkk

  53. 怎么都没有中文啊

  54. Holaaa🙌🙌, hubieron muy pocos subtítulos en español.. casi q ninguno 😐😐😐 💜

  55. はじめまして蟹ちゃん🦀♥️

  56. 今日のモッパンすごく良かったです!!!✨初期の頃のようにカーテンの前で美味しく食べるのが懐かしい雰囲気がしましたし、直接蟹ちゃんが料理したところも見られたし、何より一日に蟹ちゃんがどんな風に食べるのか関心があったので、見られてとても楽しかったです😊

  57. Subtitle too short 🙁

  58. Why the subtitle is too short

  59. 배고파 🤤

  60. ძაან საყვარელი ხარ ❤️❤️

  61. かにちゃんの一日が見れて嬉しいです😍定期的に動画にしてほしい〜🥰❤️

  62. I love koria and you.

  63. I feel sorry for your teeth, eating hot and drinking iced at the same time. 🙁

  64. Kok lebih suka mukbang yg duduk di lantai ya, ini kameranua agak kejauhan sedikit😁

  65. Love the concept! 🙂

  66. 今日みたいな動画新鮮で楽しい❣️

  67. Indonesia hadir 🙊🙊🙊 aku suka kakak 😍😍😍

  68. Me gusta ver tus videos 😆😆😆 la comida se ve deliciosa🙆

  69. 🗑🗑🗑🗑

  70. sub in portuguese pls🙏

  71. 量が多くても気持ちよく食べてくれるから好き。

  72. クレヨンしんちゃんの柄すごく似合ってる☺️

  73. Porfavor comer tripa de vaca y pata de pollo en Europa es como comer basura

  74. Cuando comes esas cosas no puedo terminar de ver tus videos

  75. Konsep yang bagus

  76. Ndut, sesudah makan yang panas jangan minum minuman yang dingin. Nanti gigi kamu rusak

  77. 😊


  79. Bok ye

  80. The reason why i like g-ni mukbang cause she is always tell us what her thought about the food she ate.
    Please don't delete that part, cause it so helpful to make us know what the taste of the food you ate..

  81. A única coisa que achei estranho é o entregador colocando os pratos no chão .

  82. Love this concept!

  83. Can you teach me how to make sweet and sour pork

  84. Se me antojo todo. 😿❤

  85. G-NI your food looks so delicious


  87. @naheel elbeek

  88. Can you also make a video of your favorite brands of makeup?

  89. And I drooled 🤤

  90. Cadê a legenda em português?! 😓

  91. Uwu,this concept,and i just….love it😍

  92. You always look happy when you enjoy food. my appetite has increased 😉 It's never boring to watch you❤ sorry if my English bad

  93. I wish there was a power where u can eat whatever u watch

  94. Mukbang Samgyetang .

  95. I want watch you eating Samgyetang

  96. Please mukbang Samgyetang

  97. I like your conceptttt

  98. halo kakak saya penonton indonesia sudah setahun terakhir saya sangat suka video video kakak , dan pribadi saya suka konsep kakak yang sebelumya soalnya disubtitle kakak menjelaskan tentang korea entah itu budaya atau makanan itu sendiri dan saya merasa mendapatkan banyak ilmu mungkin penonton lainnya juga. tapi saya juga suka dengan konsep kakak yang ini , atau mungkin konsep seperti ini bisa ada 2 video dalam 1 bulan. ah tapi bagaimana pun konsep kakak saya suka kok ><, semangat kakak!!. semoga bisa membaca komentar saya T^T , saya tidak bisa berbahasa korea dan mengubah ini ke bahasa inggris juga sulit, cinta dari sini<3

  99. I miss this kind of set up of yours.

  100. You always come up with different ideas for your youtube content/series. I love how creative you brought the mukbang to another level!!! Keep it up babe ❤️🥰😇

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