What about my pen? White Rabbit so cute Hello everyone Welcome to this video I’m a super-chef Today our family is uphill again We come out and dig some Chinese herbs Ophiopogon Its roots can make tea Its leaves can beautify the environment outside the house Kill two birds with one stone By the way do Is there a root? Look Soak in water Seems to be hot We dug often when we were young Boss did not dig for a long time Don’t you see what this is? Pull me This little hoe can’t dig You are too fat It’s too light i’m too heavy Descendants of the mountain Yo Love the sun The sun loves you Wow xiaoyang Do fields scold others for scolding others? I’m Tian from my uncle’s house Your uncle’s family? Are you here to play? Are you here to work? I don’t work, you work Why don’t you work for us? Go to pick up firewood Not picking up firewood Faster Not picking Good come Back Come back home Little girl picking mushrooms Carrying a large basket Slow down Slower Good place Wolf falls in love with sheep This is a dug river yours? Your dad’s Look at this baby Don’t work, but let me hold Throw away Don’t move me Xiao Yang, where have you been? I went to the house and unveiled it in hours So brave Can you have a pound of fruit? Have almost What are you doing, uncle? what? what are you doing? Big uncle wants to cook Uncle wants fried noodles Look, you’re making flour What is fried noodles? Eat it later Hurry up The sun is going down This mud doesn’t wash well on it With egg in it? Yellow Just hit it like this? Bubbling so tired Brother-in-law exclusive recipe Fried pasta so tired Correct That’s it You two fight slowly We go out for a sun You are so comfortable Of course Is the master okay? The boss said that this must be played 3 × 7, 28 minutes, not a second less 3 × 7=23 You say 3 × 7=28 Which teacher did you teach? Ouch, I ca n’t move too tired The two played for about half an hour Fire now Fried This equipment can Are you antivirus? Grasp safety Safety first Ah so fragrant Let’s eat later Why is it like this when I eat? It’s safe to eat Slow fire Dad get you one Tasty? Let me try Mom, get me one good to eat What do you take Why are you frying spicy chicken? Boss Say time to eat immediately dinner time This is the oil fruit we made after 3 × 7 in 28 minutes Do you know who fried the spicy chicken? My brother-in-law’s fried must be delicious Still drinking? What you said Said before Just say you have another bottle of wine Bite Broken teeth Hey you open it Very cowish Come Cheers Haven’t you finished drinking? I did not finish You finished drinking Yellow flowers are delicious Wow in the sun, drinking beer, eating spicy chicken Eating fried noodles from brother-in-law So fragrant Is dad angry? We will be here in June after we leave this time Twice a year Stay a few more days each time We don’t want to stay Humph No way the epidemic is not over yet Humph Chicken eat duck eat Eat all kinds of food We should almost go You are near here You should have left Can’t go down mom Eh I will recite Awesome hurry up Come and eat This brother-in-law’s cooking is ok Ok Eaten up I will cook for you today I heard that you had to leave before cooking You go we don’t go Dad has a few more chickens Guests from afar Even if the distance is long, go first Eat another fried noodle This chicken is very fragrant Mom and dad give us a bacon leg I do not want Let’s eat here then We don’t want you all to take away He is so good I tell the truth So that we we stew tomorrow Everyone eat together Yeah then you take my one They do n’t just stew both Xiao Yang always helps my aunt add a bowl of rice Add meals to auntie fast Come Not bad okay Okay aunt can’t finish eating Brother has to eat okay Leave me some Oops thank you it is good thank Drink Don’t you drink alcohol? Are you down? I did not fall You told me to open the wine but not drink it Don’t drink too much do not drink alcohol His Supreme Command has ordered Forbid him to drink Does he dare to drink do not drink alcohol come The wine is ready drink He drank again Have a drink Hey People from across the river come to live so boring Where do you come from Everyone play together so boring My brother-in-law’s spicy chicken fried today is really delicious Alright Have finished eating You finished washing dishes Who does the dishes? I don’t wash Didn’t tell you to wash Fine weather Back to the mountains Drink bowl of porridge Get a bottle of beer Eat spicy chicken This is life Wish everyone eat and drink every day Have a healthy body Get here today See you next time Bye


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  58. 小杨妈妈真幸福,生了两个孝顺的女儿,都嫁给两个好男人!小杨也好幸福,有一个平凡却幸福的原生家庭,爸妈勤劳善良!

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