you are back again what food do you bring ? what is it ? is it alive ? yes attack it hello , welcome back to my channel . this is Chaoxiaochu we are back here again I bought 7.5kg lobster 3kg clams my aunt and her husband will go back tomorrow . it is hard to get together again that is why we are here . I am going to cook a big meal for them let’s get started add water to lobsters soak them and wash them later dad come down coming we caught the lobsters in river what ? there is no lobster in the river is there lobster in the river ? yes you bought a lot I caught them it is impossible . the lobster is so big are you the chef today ? no you take your job seriously ok cut pepper and cucumber fry them with lobster you are free . take the job eat the big meal it is the farewell meal . eat the big meal sister is cooking trotter dad killed the only chicken we don’t have any chicken now I am not counting on it we share the job like the streamline they wash it and I cut the head only cut the head brush it it is for you brush it hard it will hurt it seems I am so cruel it is hard to wash it brush it hard wash it we don’t eat the shell , anyway you need to suck the sauce sucking sauce is essential speed up otherwise we can have it until dinner we have washed it in order to save time . I am not going to cut the head it is ok to keep the head get started wash it for several times until the water is clear it is heavy put it on the stool I can hold it by myself . you are weak Xiaoyang burn the firewood do you like the banana ? let me try it add oil to the wok add it all add the lobster take it out add garlic this is the seasoning for the lobster it is a little spicy perfect add it how is it ? the flavour is garlic and thirteen spices add it more coming uncle , what is it ? the seasoning is for 2.5kg lobster but we have 7.5kg lobster add salt chicken stock powder that is too much 7.5 kg add the glutinous rice cake add it all ok it looks delicious the lid is huge cook for 15 minutes with the lid on then we can enjoy it it has been about 10 minutes add the clams add cucumber and pepper Xiaoyang fetch a bowl take it out the meal is ready put it here this is spicy what are you staring at me ? you squad and eat it alone the last time I ate the lobster was a year ago Xiaoyang , eat it how is it ? delicious I removed the sand vein it is huge so much meat delicious so fresh I almost believed you Xiaoyangzong how is it ? you don’t like it ? come here you are faster to eat the lobster with the glasses you can see it clearly pick the big ones I don’t eat rice I don’t eat rice just a little why don’t you eat rice ? Chaoxiaochu has killed all the chickens he ate all the chickens I kept them for eating we can’t finish it my father-in-law and I can have a lot they are not our rivals aunt , get me more rice that is enough . eat it thanks . you barely ate mum, take off the gloves it is hard to remove the shell with gloves don’t put on the gloves this is moderately spicy it is slightly spicy it is not moderately spicy slightly spicy it is just a little spicy it is not spicy at all a little spicy I love lobster eat it we have to cook at least 5to 10kg lobster then it will be enough sisters , eat it there are some left if it is not enough make it spicy next time when we come back in the summer vacation if we have the summer vacation I will help you finish it don’t eat their lobster theu can’t finish it eat it they are lonely you have finished it all ? don’t eat it what are you doing ? you have had a lot I am still working on it stop it give it back to me there are lots of lobsters left you finished yours and now eat theirs stop it . leave them for sisters they are bored you asked others not to eat more . and now you are eating more why were you not happy during the spring festival ? the chicken , fish , duck are fewer and fewer how could she be happy ? this is the real reason ? you eat it I will not eat it you would eat it all if you keep eating 7.5kg lobster 3kg clam cooked them all . so satisfying so delicious eat well and sleep well . this is life that is it for today see you next time byebye eat it quickly and I will sweep the floor later ok


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