hello , welcome back to my channel . this is Chaoxiaochu I bought duck blood curd and tripe I am going to cook them together sister and her son are having their hair cut and they will be back soon make the big meal let’s get started stripe , duck blood curd , beef and hot dog get started stripe wash it wash beef two pieces of duck blood curd many ingredients are not available here such as eel make the easy version bean sprout the homegrown celery cut it slice the duck blood two hot dogs . kids love it slice it at a angle slice the beef Xiaoyang is rice enough ? yes . I worry it is not enough it is so annoying if the rice is not enough I can have lots of rice you didn’t cook it lyrics have I ever sang a whole song ? no why ? because you like changing the lyrics lyrics you forgot the lyrics again so much beef . you can eat it to be full it is good bash garlic and ginger what are you proud of ? you can only sing a little I am the king of one line song bash garlic turn it on blanch duck blood and beef add water to it add salt I almost forgot the condensed spicy troth for hot pot it is enough add duck blood stop it . I beg you continue did I completely change the lyrics ? I am the king of on line song take it out add beef to it it is like the boiled beef a fan asked did peopel in Sichuan blanch all the ingredients ? it is more hygienic and safer the meal is not ready . you are so early you are so early the meal is not ready . move hit you please forgive me . I can’t remember all the lyrics don’t sing I will seal your lips with sticker my fans like my songs add oil to the hot wok be generous with oil chili soy paste fry it to release flavour ginger and garlic the condensed spicy troth for hot pot add water add salt sugar chicken stock powder pepper my brother-in-law is going to come they want to eat it add bean sprout bring it up to the boil then take it out take it out add hot dog beef a big pot you make it look like the dazahui (all the ingredients cooked together ) this is daguocai (all the ingredients cooked in the same wok ) you cook it all together take it out then add stripe add stripe take it out add ginger and garlic dried chili and peppercorn add hot oil it smells good Chaoxiaochu . well done you cooked so many dishes in a short time it is just a piece of cake eat it outside the duck blood the fried pork , tofu skin two kinds of vegetable and the soup good job , Xiaoyangzong it is heavy . carry it one by one my dad is back cheers i forgot to get you beer why didn’t tell me that you were back ? there is no need to tell you in advance where is my hair ? it is gone try the pork you are like a pregnant wowan is it a girl or a boy ? I can have ten bottles of beer at your age you are bragging I can have 12 bottles when served in the army he is bragging my good habit I will not drink and smoke I am allergic to alcohol and I can’t stand cigarette that is great I hope you can say the same words when you are at my age then you are great I am so lucky where is the sun ? here Xiaoyangzong , wash your face with the steel ball try it later it is cold you are not exposed to sunlight he doesn’t know what is hot and what is cold who is it ? Xiaoyangzong what are you doing ? we are eating shame , shame how is it ? how is it ? praise me how is it ? delicious very delicious . very good eat meat . you eat it eat more meat you are too thin . i am not thin you are about 35kg we are not pigs look at her face . the meat is hanging . she is too thin eat more he is being ironic it is so delicious I will have my hair cut rinse it directly . it is like that father uses we are young and handsome . but the hair turns gray are you embarrassed ? you will have the big meal everyday when you are back what do I eat ? boil noodles I ordered 7.5 lobster we are going to go back to Dazhou when we finish it it is so comfortable to eat under the sun with my families we have finished the spicy duck blood . spicy and delicious most of all , I am so happy that is it for today see you next time . byebye


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