ବହୁତ ଟିପସ୍ ସହ ବନାନ୍ତୁ ବିନା ପିଆଜ ରସୁଣରେ ମୁଗଡାଲି ଡାଲମା | Odia Dalma recipe | How to make dalma

Today we will prepare Odia authentic Dalma Moong dal – 1cup Raw papaya , one potato , pumpkin , arbi , one big tomato One big brinjal drumstick Raw banana Salt as per taste Turmeric Desi ghee Panch phoron Green chilly Ginger Bay leaves Grated coconut Chopped coriander leaves Black pepper , dalchini , dry red chilly Cumin seed Make a marsala that we will add after dalma is prepared First add dalchin dry red chilly and black pepper into hot oan Fry for 1min in low flame After 1min add cumin Fry it in low flame Now keep it aside and grind it Now keep it aside and grind it Now fry moong dal on low to medium flame Now keep it aside and make Dalma Now hit the water in a deep vessel Add washed moong dal Add all vegetables except brinjal and drumstick Add 1 tsp turmeric Add salt as per taste Mix well Cover it and boil it in high flame Now remove lid Boil it for 5 to 6 min After 5 to 6 min add one big tomato Add brinjal and drumsticks Add crushed ginger and green chilly Again boil it for 5 to 6 min After 5 to 6 min all dal and vegetables are properly cooked Now add grated coconut Cover the lid and keep it aside Now make a tadka Add desi ghee Add launch phoron Add bay leaves and red chilli Fry it Now add boiled tomato Cook it properly Now add tadka to boiled dal and vegetables Add masala 2tsp Mix all with dal Add chopped coriander leaves Our Dalma is ready to serve Thank you for watching my video


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